Microsoft Teams team management arrives in the Admin Center

Matt Ellis
Sep 24, 2018 · 3 min read

In the latest update to the Teams & Skype Admin Center Microsoft have given administrators the ability to manage teams in a centralised and graphical manner.

Manage teams

The main ‘Manage Teams’ screen will allow you so see and search for every team in your tenant. The tabular view will allow you to see the following values at a glance:

  • Team name
  • Channel count
  • Member count (sum total of owners, members and guests)
  • Owner count
  • Guest count
  • Privacy type (private or public)
Edit a team

Via the updated GUI you can view and edit team members, add/remove channels and amend various settings of each team.

Edit team members
Add/remove channels
Edit team settings

The values you can update for each team are:

  • Team profile picture
  • Team name
  • Description
  • Privacy
  • Classification
  • Conversations > Team members can edit sent messages
  • Conversations >Team members can delete sent messages
  • Channels > Creating new channels and editing existing ones
  • Channels > Adding, editing and removing tabs
  • Channels > Adding, editing and removing connectors
  • Channels > Adding, editing and removing apps.

Permissions & Admin Roles

This functionality is available to Global Admins and people assigned the newly minted Teams Service Administrator role. More details of the new admin roles introduced for Microsoft Teams can be found here:

More details and the official announcement from Microsoft on this can be found here:

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