By now you’ve had a very relaxing few months letting all your data sync seamlessly yes? (yeah right!). You are nearly there, just a few mailboxes left to reach that mythical “Synced” state we read about…

While everyone’s environment is different, it’s likely that Mailbox1 will be your biggest pain point. This is because only Mailbox1 holds the master hierarchy so it syncs permissions and all mail-enabled Public Folders among others.

Step 13 — Fixing Mailbox1
After Mailbox1 has synced your folder hierarchy, synced the data and copied all folder permissions, you think yes! finally made it… Only then for it to run an Incremental Sync and fail.. NO….!

Examining the logs you will likely see lots of these ”FOLDER could not be mail-enabled. The error is as follows: ‘No mail public folder was found in Active Directory with OnPremisesObjectID=xxxxxxx’

Mailbox1 failed due to mail-enabled Public Folders

This is why Step 6 was so important to get right. Don’t panic though, it’s all fixable, and you can resume the failed job by using Resume-PublicFolderMailboxMigrationRequest.

As we can see from below, running Get-PublicFolder on the Exchange 2010 server for that folder, shows that MailEnabled is actually False…

So why is it trying to mail-enable that folder during the migration? Answer, because you still have the object in the MESO OU.

The folder in question is not actually enabled mail-enabled

You have two options here to fix this.
1. Find and delete the object in the MESO OU

2. Either rerun the Sync-MailPublicFolders again to have it create the object if possible. It may fail due to the alias having a space in the name. Or create the alias manually yourself using the New-SyncMailPublicFolder cmdlet and linking it to the OnPremisesObjectID in the report.

In our case we only had a few that we’d missed, so a simple change in ADSIEdit to remove the space in the alias and a rerun of the Sync-MailPublicFolders script fixed the issue.

Alias’ cannot be created with spaces in them.. remove them.

If everything then goes according to plan, after you resume Mailbox1 and wait for it to re-sync, you’ll see this!

All mail public folders in Active Directory were successfully linked to their corresponding public folders

Probably the happiest day of my life. Almost as happy as decommissioning the Blackberry server…

After over twelve months and two failed sync attempts we were finally in this “Synced” state. You see… it does exist!

The Migration Batch showing we are fully synced and ready to go…
The Public Folder Migration Requests showing we are fully synced. The seven InProgress are running incremental syncs

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Stories from the world of UC by a bunch of UC professionals…

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365 UC

365 UC

Stories from the world of UC by a bunch of UC professionals…

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