Aly Hasseb El Naby (1 Ramadan/6 June)

SimpleXity live at 100COPIES MUSIC — SPACE, October 12, 2013

For the month of Ramadan I’ve chosen to do something special with the 366//Days of Music project. Rather than choose the images I like, I’ve asked some of the many musicians I’ve photographed over the years to choose their favorite image I’ve taken of them and tell me why.

For the first day of Ramadan I’m sharing an image of one of the first musicians I ever saw perform in Cairo, as part of SimpleXity, partly because what he has to say about it exemplifies why any of this matters to me:

“I’ve always had this idea that happiness was never a constant state. Instead it comes in fleeting moments when things just click for one reason or another. Playing music was a large part of my life for several years and it was a personal path to happiness. In the middle of all the math going on in my head, all the looks being shared with my brothers in the band, all the pieces that need to always be in place, some moments came when the whole world just vanished. A feeling of complete immersion washed over me as it didn’t matter at all what day it was or where we were playing our music. I’m glad I’m able to identify such moments of clarity as they can help me find them in things other than music. I’m also delighted that the talented Sallie Pisch caught one of them and decided to share it. She likes to eloquently describe it as ‘catching life red handed’ but for me, this is capturing happiness.” — Aly

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