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Thomas Ogi
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4 min readDec 8, 2020


In collaboration with Flawa AG, we developed a smart first aid kit called Flawa iQ, to manage medical emergencies and first aid equipment. 3ap supported Flawa from ideation to proof of concept to a minimum viable product.

With Flawa iQ, we helped in bridging the gap between the patient and the first aid provider. Yet another human-centric project that brings real value to people’s lives! We are beyond proud and excited to share our journey with you.

“The feedback from our clients shows that they really like our Flawa iQ product. Despite a challenging year, we were already able to sell 400 kits and our pipeline is very promising for 2021. Thanks to 3ap for supporting us with your expertise and paving the way as one of our partners at the beginning of this journey.”
Pascal Schwarz, CEO Flawa AG

Injury-related modules

A smarter way of first aid delivery

First aid kits can be the difference between life and death. They enable immediate medical treatment that is crucial to saving lives.

While they may sound like a reasonable solution, regular first aid kids lack a number of important features. For instance, will the user remember to restock a component? Will he know if a particular item is past its expiry date? Will he know which module to use for what type of injury?

These are all questions we never think about until we find ourselves in need of a first aid kit. Because we feel safe knowing the first kit is lying in the car and because it is human nature to think that we won’t have an accident. This sometimes results in people missing important items in their first aid kits. For something that is a crucial barrier between human life and death, such an approach is unacceptable.

It was this need for timely maintenance that inspired Flawa to build an intelligent medical emergency kit. The Flawa iQ intelligent first aid kit efficiently and smartly ensures that it is equipped with all the necessary life-saving supplies and is ready to use at all times. It provides assistance and information to the operator during the treatment of an injured person.

How Flawa iQ works

Flawa iQ is a smart First Aid kit that recommends restocking automatically as soon as you run low on a particular supply. Moreover, it also helps you in using the first aid kit when you need it, such as in an accident. With the help of LED lights and buttons, it guides you in choosing the right aid for the right occasion. The LED lights serve the dual purpose of warning you about low supplies and guiding you on which equipment to use based on your needs as and when you need them.

Alarm function

The tech details

First, we evaluated the possibilities for the detection of objects within a defined volume. We settled on using an RFID reader capable of reading multiple RFID tags within that volume. We then worked on sending the information about the detected RFID tags over the air to a cloud-hosted inventory management service.

We achieved great success with the Lora WAN transmitting technology and implemented it in our product. With the passage of time, Narrowband IOT also became available in Switzerland and by the time we released our final product, we had already successfully switched from Lora WAN to Narrowband IOT.

Fully equipped Flawa iQ first aid kit

Digital First Aid Kit Features

  1. Help and relief: step by step guide to ensure correct aid is given to the patient.
  2. Order and overview: Boxes are arranged in an orderly manner depending on the type of injury to ensure clarity.
  3. Automatic ordering: The kit is digitally connected. As soon as you remove a particular module, the intelligent system automatically places an order for a new one so that the kit is fully restocked as soon as possible.
  4. Expiry dates: The kit not only stores the data about upcoming expiry dates but also automatically sends you new products as soon as a product expires. You don’t have to keep track of the expiry dates anymore.
  5. Optional alarm function: integrated into your household kit, which immediately alarms first aid workers in emergency situations, to reduce the response time significantly.
  6. Everything under control: The iQ portal for monitoring the suitcases provides valuable information such as consumer statistics, stock, expiring products, etc.

Isn’t it truly amazing to see what we can achieve with creative ideas combined with modern technology and proper execution?