Is your Personal Profile Telling the Right Story?

If you want to position yourself, your brand, and your services successfully, then creating a likeable and succinct personal profile on the social media platform of your choice is a very important step. Simple, but not always easy.

Particularly tourism professionals (yours truly not excluded) may have a hard time creating compelling personal profiles for themselves…

The tourism industry is very fragmented, and most experienced tourism professionals have quite colourful professional backgrounds. How can they make sure that their profile pages tell the right story? Without overwhelming the reader with a severe case of too-much-irrelevant-information?

Ideally, a tourism professional’s profile should try to answer the following questions:

  1. What does the person currently do?
  2. Where is the person currently based?
  3. What tourism destinations and sales markets does the person know particularly well?
  4. In what types of businesses and which market segments is the person experienced?
  5. In what languages is the person fluent?
  6. How does the person help others?

On some social media, professional networking, or publishing platforms it will be easier to answer these questions. On others … Not so.

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