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3Box Labs
Software for a more open, safe and collaborative web. We’re building Ceramic Network and IDX.

In 2017, during crypto’s last bull run and after years of pointedly ignoring blockchain hype, I jumped down the rabbit hole. I began to see crypto networks as the best coordination tool we’ve ever had. I met the most passionate, curious, interesting people I’ve ever worked with. And I loved that the challenges to overcome were organizational, economic, and political as much as technical.

In the past four years, I’ve collaborated with dozens of teams, helped found 3Box Labs (a company) and launch Ceramic Network, and worked with several DAOs. The potential, challenges, and excitement in the space are still…

The future of Web3 identity has arrived

IDX is a brand new SDK for building with decentralized identity and user-centric data from the 3Box Labs team. IDX is in alpha but if you’d like to start experimenting, join our discord and jump into the docs.

Make privacy preserving, collaborative and censorship resistant applications with frontend code.

Part 2: Team lists


Welcome to the second part of our todo app tutorial, built with 3Box confidential threads. If you haven’t visited part one, check that out first. Here we build out the scope of our todo app to accommodate team todos. This is where the power of confidential threads really shows. Outside of todo lists, there are many applications for confidential members threads; private messages, censorship resistant social media, team chat, and more. Lets start by building our collaborative, confidential task list.

👉 Check out the demo here

🛠 Completed tutorial codebase

What you will learn in this tutorial

Members Confidential Threads

  1. User flow for joining confidential members threads
  2. Creating a confidential…

Make privacy preserving, collaborative and censorship resistant applications with frontend code.

Part 1 : Personal lists


Earlier this year we were excited to launch confidential threads. Private and encrypted messaging opens up the possibilities of what can be built with 3Box.

This two part series will guide you step by step through creating an individual and team todo application. The first part will get us set up with a personal to do app. The second part will extend this to include team functionality.

As with all products built with 3Box.js, there is no need for a server to manage data. This application is built client side. 3Box.js will persist the data in encrypted form on IPFS…

Boost your 3Box Ghost Threads messaging


We’ve described the 3Box Ghost Threads API and its benefits in the previous blogpost Introducing 3Box Ghost Threads API. In order to provide you with better experience for using the Ghost Threads API we created a Ghost Pinbot service. This service lets you specify the one or more threads whose messages will be pinned, and in that way help you overcome the common issues in the decentralised realm of messaging such as peer discovery, the initial state sync time and others.

By serving as an equal thread participant the Ghost Pinbot server preserves previous…

3Box partner series highlights 3Box partners and their innovative use cases.

Last month Ren launched RenVM: a private, permissionless and decentralized way to transfer assets across chains. This enables inter-blockchain liquidity, locking up assets on one blockchain and minting them on another. Just a month after launch, $20M worth of crypto has been sent through the network.

We’re giving away more than 3,000 DAI in prizes!

We’re excited to announce that 3Box is a proud sponsor of the HackFS hackathon along with other amazing sponsors like Protocol Labs, the Ethereum Foundation, Consensys, Textile, and others. 3Box is offering three bounties worth a total of more than 3,000 DAI in prizes! Read more below.

What is HackFS?

HackFS is a month-long hackathon run by ETHGlobal and Protocol Labs dedicated to realizing the vision of Web3 by encouraging hackers to build projects that combine blockchains (such as Ethereum), linked data (IPFS), and p2p storage (such as OrbitDB). …

3Box partner series highlights innovative use cases in the ecosystem

Zerion makes DeFi simple, beautiful and delightful for both developers and users. With their web and mobile apps and developer SDK, they are making money legos accessible and powerful to builders and consumers alike.

Zerion has always focused on UX, and their users love them for delivering a delightful experience.

Given this focus on the user, it’s no surprise that Zerion was one of the first dapps to integrate 3Box profiles. They understand the need to build for the user, not just the technical capability: apps for humans need profiles, not hex addresses. This is true even when the focus is on financial transactions.

Major boost to usage metrics

Zerion highly…

During the past two weeks, 3Box core services suffered varying levels of service degradation and disruption as traffic and usage continually and sharply increased over the previous month. Issues were fully resolved on June 27

The goal of 3Box has always been to provide a fully decentralized user data system which is easy and reliable for developers, while at the same time respecting users’ sovereignty. These past two weeks we did not live up to these goals. The risk of developers having to rely on 3Box, and our centralized infrastructure, as the primary data backup service is one of the…

3Box partner series highlights innovative partners and their use cases for 3Box.

Unstoppable Domains announced dBlogs on Thursday, giving users a way to publish censorship-resistant blogs. By using 3Box to publish and store each blog’s content, dBlogs is able to promise bloggers that their content is fully in their control and not captive to any platform’s terms or censorship.

Some of the top thought leaders in crypto are already being published via 3Box and dblogs. For example check out MeltemDemirors.crypto, Timdraperblog.crypto, and WMougayar.crypto.

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