3Box Community Update: More Profile Fields, DDB Research, Local Cache

3Box Community Update #6

We’re going to try to keep these community update more to the point. 🙂 We had another highly productive week — social profiles, distributed database research, 3Box Spaces spec, and more below.

Coming Soon: December 3Box Community Call

Join us for our community call on December 4 at 9am EST. We’ll discuss everything from launching profiles, to spinning out of uPort, to 3Box Spaces, and the rest of our 6 month roadmap.



Released this cycle

A more social profile: add a description, cover image, your work, education, and — even a spirit emoji. We still have the new features up on the alpha URL. Test them at: https://alpha.3box.io

We published a big research piece on different distributed database protocols: comparing popular DDBs OrbitDB, GUN, and Secure Scuttlebutt.

We reduced average 3Box.js openBox load time by 2–3 seconds: Local iframe caching provides a huge improvement in user experience.

Web3 dapp logic diagrams: Our front-end developer, Kenzo, created logic diagrams of how the 3Box.io app handles web3. Here’s one example:

Community spotlight

Soon you can verify your Github account on 3box.io (3box-dapp): This helps users build more social trust on the network. Joao Aguiam, an OG member of the 3Box community, submitted a PR for the verification feature. History lesson: Joao was the first person to ever build a dapp using 3Box, and in his spare time he also built the ticketing app for EthDenver, which we're excited to attend in February.

Coming soon

We drafted a spec for 3Box Spaces, application-specific datastores: Many of you have asked for this feature, so we would like to develop Spaces with your feedback. Have a look at our writeup of the proposed solution.

3Box.js GraphQL integration should be ready in ~+2 weeks: maybe slightly more. Stay tuned for a full demo soon.

We’re beginning to implement a server caching service: This will improve load times and performance. Soon you can call getProfile for many user accounts at once without hiccup.

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