3Box goes to Berlin

Join us during Berlin Blockchain Week 2019. Here’s our schedule.

Aug 15 · 2 min read

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 is shaping up to be an awesome week packed with loads of great content and programming! Here’s our schedule of events. Reach out on Discord if you want to meet. Looking forward to seeing all of you there. 🇩🇪

MetaCartel Demo Day

On Monday August 19th, Michael Sena and Joel Torstensson will be attending MetaCartel Demo Day. Michael will present on how dapps can leverage bottoms-up identity systems, from 3:20–3:40pm.


On Tuesday August 20th and Wednesday the 21st, Michael Sena will be attending Web3Summit.


On Tuesday August 20th, Joel Torstensson will be attending DAOfest and presenting on “Data, DAOs, and the future” at 3:00pm.

#BuildBetter Meetup and Panel

On Tuesday August 20th, 3Box will host a meetup and panel discussion on how web3 will be better than web2 for developers and users. Michael Sena will moderate a panel featuring guests: Alex van de Sande from the EF and Universal Logins, Pedro Gomes from WalletConnect/Web3Connect, Ele Diakomichalis from OSCoin, Ainsley Sutherland from Enigma, and Joe Petrowski from Parity. The event runs from 6–8:30pm and is located at betahaus in Kreuzberg. Food and drink will be served. RSVP below!


On Thursday August 22nd and Friday August 23rd, the entire 3Box team will attend Dappcon. On Friday, Joel Torstensson and Michael Sena will lead a workshop that lets developers get their hands dirty by building a decentralized chat app with 3Box SDK.

ETHBerlin Hackathon

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 23rd — 25th, the entire 3Box team will attend the ETHBerlin Hackathon. 3Box is a premier sponsor of the event, so we will have a booth where you can come say hi and learn more about our technology. Additionally, we’re offering some pretty sweet bounties for hackathon participants who build with 3Box in their hack.

Have questions about these events or want to meet up while in Berlin? Reach out on Discord!


APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.


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Distributed database infrastructure for Ethereum. We provide a simple, scalable Ethereum Profiles API.



APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.

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