3Box Hub now supports ENS

View ENS names inside Hub using ENS SDK and The Graph

Michael Sena
Jan 7 · 3 min read

We’re excited to announce we’ve improved the 3Box Hub UI with an ENS integration. Now you can view ENS names right alongside 3Box profiles inside the Hub app. Not only does the combination of Profiles and ENS deliver improved usability, but also adds more trust to the 3Box ecosystem.

At this time, we only display users’ existing ENS names and do not support creating 3Box ENS names: such as yourname.3box.eth. However, we will enable this functionality in the future.

Try it today

Where is ENS in the app?

Profile Search: Search users by their ENS name or their Ethereum address

Profile Details: View ENS names alongside 3Box profile details

Profile Wall and Activity Feed: ENS names on your wall and activity feed

How it Works

Display Canonical ENS Names

After purchasing an ENS name at one of the ENS domain registration sites, users can choose to set their name as their canonical name (ie: yourname.eth returns a 0x… ETH address) by setting up a reverse resolution record. Since Ethereum addresses can only have one ENS name reverse resolved at any given time, we chose to display this name wherever we show names inside Hub. The reality is that some users own many ENS names for themselves or their businesses, and we only wanted to only show the one that they chose to self identify with. If a user never set a canonical name, then we show the first name that is returned when we look up the ENS registry contracts.

Technology Required

To make this possible, we use two third-party technologies: The Graph and ethereum-ens.

ethereum-ens is a JavaScript library maintained by the core ENS team that allows front-end applications to check reverse resolution records required for getting a user’s canonical name. Since reverse resolution records need to be verified with a subsequent forward resolution, we also use this library for that. If the same result is achieved with both queries, then we display that canonical name for an Ethereum address in Hub.

The Graph is a simple GraphQL query interface for the Ethereum blockchain, which we use to gather all ENS names owned by an address. We use this list of names to populate the user’s UI in the instance that they, or other users, have not set a canonical name.

What’s next?

We’re eventually going to give 3Box users the ability to create a 3Box ENS name, such as yourname.3box.eth, but this will come in a later release.

Questions? Reach out on Discord!

We’re always online and available to chat in Discord if you have any questions about this integration or our software.


APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.

Michael Sena

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Helping developers #BuildBetter apps @3box. Happy contributor to the decentralized web. Fair data advocate.



APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.

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