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A More Human Web3 Activity Feed

See your web3 history more clearly with the all new activity feed on

Feb 19 · 4 min read

A More Intuitive, Human Feed

We’re excited to announce the launch of a more human-readable web3 activity feed on that allows you to see your complete web3 history more clearly. We made a bunch of improvements with the goal of making the experience of looking back at your on-chain and off-chain web3 history simple, familiar, and enjoyable. Read on to learn more about the upgrades or see them for yourself by signing in to your profile or view the public profile of Mollie the 3Box narwhal.

With our new activity feed, we’re bringing your web3 to life.

  • Display human-readable, semantic activity descriptions
  • Display metadata for tokens and dapps
  • Display human-readable contract calls
  • Display 3Box profile info for accounts that have a profile
  • Display 3Box image files instead of only their IPFS hash

Your Complete Web3 History in One Place

The new and improved 3Box activity feed integrates a user’s activity from across various networks that make up web3 today, including public Ethereum networks and the 3Box data network, into a single coherent view. With the new feed, our goal was to present information to users in a simple, intuitive, and familiar way that makes it easy for you and others to look back on your history and achieve a clear picture of what happened. Let’s dive into the details!

Ethereum, On-Chain History

This information is available on both your public profile and your logged-in profile views.

In the new feed, we are displaying metadata for known application and token smart contracts on Ethereum. To achieve this we are using eth-contract-metadata, an open source library maintained by MetaMask.

In the new feed, we also display human-readable smart contract method calls. To achieve this we are using the Etherscan Contract API to fetch the contract ABI and abi-decoder, an open source library maintained by ConsenSys, to decode them into a readable format.

The new feed replaces hexadecimal addresses with 3Box profiles for accounts that you have interacted with by transferring ETH or tokens. If they have a 3Box profile we display name and image, if not we still display the hex address. To achieve this we are using the 3Box GraphQL API endpoint, provided by us, 3Box.

3Box, Off-Chain History

This information is only viewable to you when logged-in to your profile.

We completely redesigned the data tiles for the activity feed by restructuring the layout and making information more semantic. These updates make feed information clear, enjoyable, and easy to consume.

Another major upgrade is that we now display full images added to your profile instead of just showing the IPFS image hash.

Explore your web3 activity feed today!

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APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at

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