Introducing, 3Box Personal Data Hub

All your data. In one place. Under your control.

Head to to experience the future of digital identity and personal cloud storage.


Truly Own Your Data

Today, we’re excited to release the 3Box Personal Data Hub. Personal Data Hub is a brand new feature on that allows users to manage all of the data stored in their 3Box from one convenient location.

Before today, users could only create and update their social profile on, but now they can also manage their entire personal cloud storage drive — including all data stored by all apps. Give it a try today at

Your Identity at Your Fingertips

All your data in one place.

At 3Box we understand that you are your data. This is because a digital identity is actually defined as the complete set of all known data points about a user — including the data that users specifically save to their profiles, as well as data that’s generated and collected as a result of interacting with various digital applications and services. The 3Box Personal Data Hub provides users with a powerful, unified view of every bit of data stored in their 3Box. By putting everything in one place, users can better understand who they are online, and as a result, better manage their digital identity and footprint.

Decentralized storage.

Although users can logically see their data in one place on the 3Box Personal Data Hub, their data is actually securely stored on the decentralized IPFS network by many different applications. This distributed storage model increases resiliency and security of users’ online identity by spreading their data around and liberating it from the risky, proprietary app database silos in which it currently resides. A benefit of this model is that applications no longer have unrestricted, permanent access to user data and can’t sell it to advertisers for their sole profit without involving the user in the exchange. When apps store data on 3Box, they put it back in your control.

Centralized logic.

By logically centralizing your decentralized user data in a powerful management dashboard, Data Hub enables users to have much more control over their digital identity. Users can choose to remove any piece of data that they no longer want associated to themselves — and it’s actually deleted from the internet! Users no longer have to wonder what happens to their remaining data when they “delete” their account from an application. With Data Hub, users wipe their identities clean for good!

Experience the future of digital identity and personal cloud storage on

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