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Launching, 3Box Email Verification Service

Verify your email once and share it with third-party apps for faster, simplified onboarding.

Mar 1 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce the release of the 3Box email verification service. Now users can add a verified email address to their profile for faster, simplified onboarding to their favorite dapps. Instead of needing to verify an email each time users sign up for a new app, they can just share their pre-verified email address and enter the application right away!

In addition to making onboarding more convenient and seamless, verified email addresses also respect user privacy. Emails are saved to a user’s private 3Box profile, giving the user full control of their contact information. Verified emails are only shared with applications that the user explicitly approves.

Email verifications are the first step towards verifying more contact information in user’s 3Box profiles, which will continue to make web3 more user-friendly.

Head to to verify your email today!

For Developers

Onboard Users with Verified Emails

Dapps benefit from having users verify their email on in two main ways: 1) it makes their onboarding much simpler; and 2) it eliminates redundant server infrastructure as individual applications no longer need to build systems to verify their users’ emails.

How to Onboard Users with an Email Address

1. Install 3Box.js into your project.

2. Instantiate the user’s 3Box object.

3. Check if there is a verified email.

4. If the user has a verified email, the output of the above code would be something like:

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APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at

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