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3Box Community Update 11

Michael Sena
Mar 11 · 3 min read

RSVP to the March Community Call

We have an upcoming community call next Tuesday, March 19th at 10am EST. We’ll discuss the Spaces API, email verifications, profile hovers, collectibles, activity feed, scaling solutions, new onboarding without MetaMask, and much more! Also hear from community integrations. Hope to see you there!


Profile Hover Plugin

We released a Profile Hovers, a new plugin that allows developers to integrate user profile information into their app with only 2 lines of code. Say goodbye to boring hex addresses in your UI for good! 🃏

Collectibles Gallery

We now support digital collectibles in profiles. Sign in to browse your gallery and curate a few favorites to appear in your public profile. When we launched this feature last Thursday, we experienced our single biggest day of user growth ever! 🚀

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away special edition 3Box Space Narwhal Kudos. Create a profile on, verify your twitter account, then share your profile URL in our Discord to receive yours.

Verified Email Addresses

We now support verified email addresses on By verifying your email address once on 3Box, you can experience more secure and seamless onboarding to dapps by not needing to enter and verify your email at every single app you use. Do it once and be done! ✉️

3Box Space Narwhal Kudos

To celebrate our support for collectibles in 3Box profiles, we’re giving away special edition 3Box Space Narwhal Kudos to our community. A big thanks goes out to the Gitcoin team for making this possible! 🏆

To receive your Space Narwhal:

  1. Create a profile on
  2. Verify your twitter
  3. Share your profile URL in our Discord

Upcoming Releases

Public Spaces API

This week we’re adding two new Spaces API methods that allow developers to easily query for a list of spaces owned by the user, and then to read public data saved in the spaces. These will enable more seamless public data sharing without requiring the user’s interaction. Now other users of the same dapp and also third-party dapps can easily view a user’s public space data.

Threads v1 | Public Comments 💬

We’re working on a spec for public comment threads. Threads are a p2p communication feature for 3Box that we will implement using OrbitDB feed stores and have many applications for dapps. They can be used to store user-generated posts, comments, chats, contacts, and anything else you would want to store in a log. We’re working with a few launch partners to refine the spec, so if you want to collaborate, reach out in Discord!

Data Management UI

With the addition of the Spaces API, which enables developers to create private, app-specific data stores in 3Box, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of user data being saved in 3Box from apps. We’ve heard that users (and developers) want a better way for users to view and manage all of this information in a logical way. As a result, we’ll be adding data management capabilities to the Profiles app on 🔥

We Grew our Core Team by Two Members

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Matt Lockyer and Laurent Senta to the core 3Box team. Matt will be helping with partnerships and integrations, while Laurent will be helping with distributed systems engineering. Drop by our Discord and say hi! 🙌

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3️⃣ 3Box provides distributed data infrastructure for web3. Integrate 3Box.js to onboard users and save data to their profile. 3Box makes dapps more social, scalable, and human. Visit 3Box to create your profile or Github to dig into the code.


APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at

Michael Sena

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Helping developers #BuildBetter apps @3box. Happy contributor to the decentralized web. Fair data advocate.



APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at

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