Smarter authentication on 3Box Hub

Log in with a variety of wallets using web3connect

Aug 8 · 4 min read

A new log in system for 3Box Hub

We’re excited to announce that you can now log in to 3Box Hub with the ethereum wallet of your choice. This improvement broadens the ways users gain access to Hub, one of the core services offered by 3Box. Overall, we’re thrilled to allow ethereum users to manage their profile and storage drive regardless of which wallet they choose to trust.

Log in with the wallet of your choice

Why multiple providers?

Before today, users could only access 3Box Hub through their MetaMask extension or mobile dapp browser. While this authentication model was appropriate when we first launched Hub almost a year ago, a lot has changed since then. We’ve seen new providers — like Portis, Fortmatic, Dapper, and WalletConnect — launch to excitement and adoption in the community.

Towards an interoperable future

Today, each wallet address will create a new 3Box profile. This is also something we will be improving over time. In future releases, users will be able to link their wallet addresses together and use a single profile across multiple ethereum accounts. Looking even further ahead, users will be able to link multiple accounts from across different blockchains to the same profile. We’re working on a bunch of “identity” features behind the scenes that will make this possible.

Web3Connect: A multi-wallet log in system

Additional Authentication Features

In addition to just plugging in Web3Connect, we overhauled much about how the Hub application manages Web3. We added a bunch of small features that make the experience feel smooth and solid.

Direct log in

Third-party applications can now directly send users into a log in flow on the Hub app without needing to send them to the 3Box landing page. This makes the process of onboarding a user into Hub more seamless, resulting in higher conversion for your users. Users will see a web3connect modal and are able to log in with the provider of their choice.

Smart log in

While web3connect offers the ability to log in with a variety of providers, we remember the last provider used for convenience. The next time the user logs into Hub, we automatically sign them in with that provider. Users are able to log in with a different provider by selecting “Choose wallet” on

Switch wallet while logged in

We allow users to switch the web3 wallet that they are using from inside the app without needing to first sign out.

Last address used

We store the last account you signed in with in localStorage so if you’re signed out and looking at other users’ profiles, we can do cool things, such as displaying mutual followers (future release), using your 3Box account without needing you to sign in.

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