The Distributed Download — Hovers, Roadmap, and Upcoming “Soft Fork”

3Box Community Update 16 | May 2019

Jun 7 · 3 min read

We’re now distributing this publication once a month instead of every two weeks. Let’s get right to the good stuff happening in the 3Box community.

Upcoming 3Box.js “Soft Fork” on June 11, 2019

⚠️ The 3Box community will need to upgrade to the latest version of 3Box.js 1.9 on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 to stay in sync with the network and keep everything running smoothly. ⚠️ This new release contains OrbitDB 0.21.0, which includes breaking changes. Read more here.

We’re Hiring

3Box is hiring for three full-time roles: JavaScript Distributed Systems Engineer, Technical Product Marketing Manager, and Developer Relations Lead. Should be based in NYC, Berlin, or be willing to relocate. If this sounds like you, check our open positions.

New 6 Month Roadmap

Over the next six months, we will focus our efforts on scaling the 3Box network, improving the core 3Box identity system (3ID), and making it easier for projects to integrate with 3Box. Read more about our plans for the future here.

FOAM Profiles v2

Our friends at FOAM have released a new cartographer platform that surfaces map data and cartographer profiles in a better way. improves and gamifies the experience of interacting with their protocol. 3Box provides the profiles infrastructure for Foam Tools, powering the cartographer leaderboard as well as FOAM user profiles.

Profile Hover React Component

Profile Hovers v2 allows Ethereum developers to easily replace unintelligible hex addresses with user social profile metadata directly in their app’s UI. Now wherever a web3 app displays a user’s Ethereum address, it can show a profile hover instead. With this release, profile hovers are available as a react component with updated design, making integration ridiculously simple. Read more here.

Behind the Scenes

Some of the other things we’ve been working on lately:

Web3 Followers: 3Box.js and the 3Box Hub App will soon support web3 “followers.” Users will be able to add ethereum addresses (and their related profiles) to a public list in their 3Box profile to keep them handy for use throughout the web3 ecosystem. It’s the start of an open 3Box social graph.

Threads Moderation and Members: The updated version of 3Box.js 1.9 mentioned earlier will also include new features for the 3Box Threads messaging API, including content moderation and members. We’re aiming to release this on Tuesday June 11, 2019.

Livepeer Integration: We’ve been collaborating with the Livepeer community to enable transcoder and staker profiles in their explorer. We’re almost done with the spec, and should have a bounty up for the work soon. Doug Petkanics, Livepeer co-founder, mentions the ongoing work in his latest Livepeer Report.

Support for React Native: The 3Box community has been working to make 3Box.js compatible with the react native environment so 3Box can support native mobile applications such as wallets. Getting IPFS, libp2p, and OrbitDB functional on react native is a bit challenging, but we’re making good progress.

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