Welcoming Rachel to 3Box

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Rachel Black
Nov 6 · 2 min read

Developers have always been at the heart of 3Box’s mission to provide the tools and infrastructure that devs need to build, deploy, and scale better web3 applications. 3Box allows developers to manage user data in a way that doesn’t trade off interactivity and usability for control and privacy.

As the 3Box project and community grow, the team made the decision to hire a dedicated developer relations member to keep our focus on building tools that fit developers’ needs. I am excited to be introducing myself as 3Box’s new DevRel lead.

Before 3Box

Previously I have worked in both identity (JavaScript developer at Identity startup Yoti) and blockchain (Tech Evangelist at Lisk). Before this, I spent some time working for an ad tech company, which showed me the problems with privacy and the web! Going back even further, I have a background in education (secondary school teacher), something that has really helped me in communication and educating developers.

Since becoming involved with the blockchain community in 2017, the possibility of creating a more secure web has been a big motivation for me. But industry-wide, user experience is lacking. This is why I am excited to be joining 3Box, creating the tools to allow for a new generation privacy valuing applications. These tools and APIs’ are a game-changer for the industry, tackling the DApp UX problem head-on.

Why DevRel?

You might be wondering, what is dev rel, and why do we need it? DevRel is a broad field encompassing technical knowledge, community management, marketing, and user experience. The overall goal is to communicate and collaborate with developers to build community and products that fit their needs.

With so much noise fighting for developers’ attention, APIs that are straightforward to use will surely be the most widely adopted ones. DevRel is here to deliver excellent DX, and communicate it, so developers can be as excited about 3Box as we are!

What’s next?

As DevRel lead, I will be working on both improving the experience of working with 3Box (DX, documentation, tutorials), and working on bringing new developers into the community. You can expect to see me on our social channels (Discord, Medium, Twitter).

Also on November 19 at 4pm CET, I will be hosting a 3Box community call (RSVP here), as well as working on blog posts and DevRel strategy for 2020. Most importantly, I look forward to connecting with the developers in our community and helping 3Box get the attention it deserves.

Follow me on Twitter and Discord.


APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.

Rachel Black

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JavaScript Developer



APIs for decentralized profiles, storage, and messaging. Learn more at 3box.io.

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