Love Bubble

A luxury bubble concept

Being playful is a luxury not everyone can afford. Love Bubble gives it to you and your significant other through the fun of making bubbles.


These bubble wands come in pairs ( boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy ) and are filled with a voronoi pattern. It is a quirky contrast between a serious generative pattern and its appropriation which can be seen as a metaphor for playfulness.


When blown, the pattern creates multiply linked bubbles which give a resemblance of a 3D voronoi pattern.


The forms are designed using Processing, Adobe Illustrator and Rhinoceros.


They are printed on a 3D Systems Project SLA printer. [ An updated version in gold coated stainless steel is on its way from Shapeways! ]


Transparent vintage milk jars are hand painted using black acrylic color [ dickblick’s BASIC acrylic ] to get a matte finish. Then a matte finished gold paper [ Fabriano Tiziano paper from dickblick ] is cut using Cricut Explore machine and stuck onto the bottles. Also, the bubble wands are painted in gold [ dickblick’s Matte acrylic ]

Antonius Wiriadjaja, Francis Bitonti, Mary Huang, Sarah Krasley, Federico Burch, 3D Printing Luxury Class Fall 2014 @ITP_NYU