World’s First 3D Printed Jacket by Fashion Designer Danit Peleg


Fashion designer Danit Peleg, has just launched the world’s first ‘Design it yourself’ Jacket. It has also become the first ever 3D printed clothing to be sold online. This limited edition jacket offers customers the freedom to design it and get it printed by the team.

Danit Peleg is a fashion designer who is specifically known for her work in 3D Printed fashion. She first started working on 3D printed fashion in her final year fashion degree project in 2014. She then launched a ‘Graduate Collection’ after 9 months of rigorous work and almost 2000 hours of printing. This success jolted her to deep dive into 3D printing and over the years she has become the pioneer in 3D printed fashion. Her latest collection is called, ‘The Birth of Venus’ collection.

Danit Peleg is also accredited with holding a 3D Printed Fashion Show in 2015 where her first collection was showcased to the world. The show was a huge success which has now motivated her to follow this route and help incorporate 3D printing tech in fashion.

The jacket can be customized by each customer on Danit Peleg’s official website and ordered from there itself. The customer can choose the 3D printed fabric color, the lining fabric color, the size (of course) and it can even print out a five letter word on the back.

The main factor in involving 3D printing in fashion is the amount of time it takes to print one dress. Practically, it takes around 20 hours to print a flexible fabric of A4 size. The flexible fabric is actually a strong and flexible material which feels like a fabric.

As of now, 3D printing in fashion is a very costly affair but Danit is really excited and so confident that she believes everyone will print their clothes at home some day in the future.

In her own words, “I would like to stay in the industry and work with other fashion designers who want to experiment and research new ways of creating fashion using 3D printing”.

As the entire world fixes its eyes on 3D printing, fashion is one sector where the critics will keep a keen watch to assess its strengths, and maybe its weaknesses too.