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3D is for everyone, not just professionals

Over the last decade, the 3D sector has progressed dramatically and is no longer the domain of professional filmmakers.

The global 3D animation market size was estimated at $13.75 billion (USD) in 2018 and is expected to reach $28.30 billion (USD) by 2025. Key drivers of this industry’s growth include emerging technological advancements such as real-time 3D, VR and AR, and the increased demand for high quality video content in digital media.

3dctrl is part of a growing wave of exciting new solutions that are adopting real time 3D technology (pioneered by the gaming sector) to push the boundaries of content creation, unlocking creative vision and business value.

In this article, we’ll be talking about why 3dctrl is a great way of bringing 3D visuals into your creative pipeline, no matter how big or small your company is. We’ll also be talking about the benefits and how we are helping businesses use 3D to better engage and connect with their audiences across the digital media landscape.

What is 3dctrl?

3dctrl is a virtual production studio in the cloud that empowers content creators like creatives and marketers to create CGI animated video in-house.

Developed by Artificial Artists, (that’s us!). We’re a team of VFX and interactive specialists, who apply real time gaming technology to disrupt the 3D production process. Our insight was that everything in creative production was becoming more accessible, apart from 3D, which had remained seemingly untouchable, used by only those in the profession. We were frustrated with how expensive and inflexible the process was to create 3D content for multiple digital channels.

With 3dctrl, we are speeding up the adoption of affordable and reusable digital assets whilst lowering the access barrier for people without 3D expertise. Creating new opportunities for industries which haven’t yet managed to adopt this technology.

What are the benefits of 3dctrl?

In a traditional pipeline, 3D animation is an expensive and time-consuming process, usually reserved for companies with big budgets within the film, TV, or game industries. But with 3dctrl, we’re empowering creators to use 3D in new sectors and in ways that aren’t currently being applied. Here are a few examples that are benefiting both users and businesses alike.

  • No need for previous 3D knowledge
    3dctrl has been designed for users with no prior 3D knowledge, with a simple interface that anyone can understand. We are lowering the accessibility barrier of creating 3D imagery and animation for everyone.
  • Rapid prototyping and product configuration
    Configure and visualise your products in minutes, reduce the design to production timeline from months to weeks by creating photorealistic images and videos of your product.
  • Streamline your workflow
    Give your workflow the flexibility it deserves. Control everything in shot with a few clicks, from asset to background, to lighting and camera movement all in-house and in the cloud, without having to go back and forth with third parties.
  • Quality assured
    Every 3D asset and environment within the platform has been modelled, optimised, and tested in advance. 3dctrl is a kit of parts designed to work seamlessly together to ensure your video animation and stills appear flawless across all platforms.

How are we helping others adapt to the changing digital media landscape?

We are making it easier, quicker, and more affordable for anyone to use 3D. This is important now more than ever as we spend more time working remotely. We want to provide businesses the means of creating unparalleled 3D customer experiences. Here are a few ways that we are helping industries adapt to using 3D.

Improved visualisation workflows
The changing economy has forced brands to increasingly consider converting physical workflows to digital, bringing 3D design to the forefront. Vogue Business recently reported that 3D design is becoming a crucial lever for the fashion industry.

“Brands can design items quickly and remotely; once created, 3D assets — which are three-dimensional, photorealistic digital models of products — can be used in myriad situations, from creating marketing materials and virtual showrooms to customer-facing e-commerce pages and VR/AR experiences.”

Strengthen brand recognition through motion
3D animation brings multi-dimensional advantages when showcasing features and functionalities of products. A powerful sales tool, helping brands simplify complex messaging and instill confidence in product performance. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating 3D animations and video into your marketing strategy to increase engagement and conversion.

Cisco predicts by 2022 that 82% of all web traffic will be video and companies are already seeing a 54% increase in brand awareness with this medium.

Elevate perceptions
Aside from its flexibility and versatility, many would already argue that 3D imagery and animation has already outperformed 2D in generating more imaginative concepts and enabling brands to challenge the norms. Those already using 3D in their marketing and advertising are seen as being innovative and technologically advanced amongst their target audience. Being able to leverage your creative to a new level shows a willingness to think outside of the box — leaving audiences with a memorable experience that does wonders for brand recall and performance metrics like engagement, click-through rates, conversions, and time on site.

“3D is the technology that allows us to be innovative and differentiate from our competitors and we are seeing stronger customer engagement,” says Andreas Schmeidler, Chairman of TSUM.

Enhance eCommerce sales
Product imagery and video are essential means to inform consumer purchase behaviour, and with 3D product rendering, retailers and customers can achieve unlimited flexibility. In the absence of a physical product, 3D can show off the more subtle aspects and details of any product and highlight special features in a way that photographs can rarely do. 3D images can reduce returns of online purchases by up to 35% and increase conversions of items bought by 40%, thanks to the increased trust and customer certainty that a 3D product image provides.

So there you have it, as we rapidly progress towards what some are calling the Metaverse, (a space where the physical and digital worlds merge), 3D will become the primary technology that brands will use in order to engage and connect with their audiences. We built 3dctrl as a solution to help accelerate this transition. A production process that was once seen as being high-end and exclusive, is now accessible to all, without compromising quality.

If you are interested in adopting 3D within your business, drop us a message to find out how we can help you build an in-house 3D workflow and create more engaging content for your digital channels.



The virtual production studio in the cloud that helps content creators design professional quality 3D experiences for digital media.

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3dctrl is a virtual production studio in the cloud. Empowering content creators to design professional-quality 3D experiences for digital media.