Why you should learn to 3D Print this summer?

My cousin wakes up in the weekend, fires up his Tablet and starts playing Temple Run, Injustice and bunch of other games which immerses him in an engaging 3D world of Superheros travelling across galaxies, fighting enemies, saving lives and adventurers fighting to survive in an abandoned island. The next school day, he tries to learn the different parts of brain from a 2D image in a textbook.

By now, you would have realized that its high time that we “make learning relevant” in schools, colleges or training centres or even when you are self learning.

Forcing students and ourselves to learn from a 2D world is definitely mentally tiring and long frustrating process. Luckily, consuming knowledge in 3D is now possible. Thanks to 3D Printing, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality.

Even though VR and MR is quite promising, the tech hasn’t been completely figured out and ready for the masses as opposed to 3D Printing.

So, how 3D Printing is actually useful to us?

  1. Experiential Learning:

Several reports, surveys and tests has shown that experiential learning trumps conventional learning any day. 3D Printing has started to become really affordable and accessible to the masses especially in India.

Tell Me and I Forget, Show me and I may Remember,
Involve Me and I will Understand

3D Printing helps you not only to visualize the concepts but also helps in providing you an hands on experience that enables proper learning and cements the concepts strongly in the brain.

Credits: 3D Printing Systems

2. STEM:

If you are a person who likes to takes things apart or an enthu cutlet of the tech world, 3D Printing is a field that you would definitely like to explore. With make DIY kits, hacks available, the things that you can do is only upto your imagination.

Or if you a high school or college fresher, 3D Printing will definitely help you sharpen your engineering skills.

Apart from being viewed as an efficient prototyping process, Desktop 3D Printing is also seen as an amazing tool to consume knowledge and understand tricky concepts. With many schools, colleges taking serious interest in the technology, imparting knowledge is surely transitioning to the modern times.

Credits: 3D Printers Bay

3. Affordable:

The affordability of the technology has opened up several possibilities in various areas which pleasantly surprised the masses. From creating affordable prosthetics, transparent braces, desktop 3D Printers are truly empowering the common man.

A 12 grader from Karur, Tamilnadu has recently won the Nasa Contest for a nano satellite which was 3D Printed in carbon fibre and is set to launch into space on June 2017.

Nano Satellite (Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle)

4. Versatile and Feasible Applications:

With the recent boom of 3D Printing, the technology has penetrated almost all industries directly or indirectly.

Credits: 3Ders(dot)org

Doctors, architects, product designers, students, engineers, dentists, military, entertainment, food, you name it, 3D Printing has penetrated almost all.

The fascinating thing about the above statement is that 3D Printing has helped those industries with better, feasible solutions and made conventional methods obsolete in most cases. So, if you are from any of the above mentioned background, step up your game by experimenting with 3D Printing.

And the final reason,

The world around us is slowly moving from 2D to 3D. With Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Mixed reality, 3D Printing and highly immersive life like video games, it is clear that we have to start adapting to the new world order my unlearning and relearning in a better way.

And why not start now?

You can visit our website 3Ding right now and sign up for a 3D Printing workshop that happens across India! Take your first step in staying relevant.