Rethinking the flight ticket industry ✈️

Proposing an effortless way to travel by flipping flight ticket search on its head.

Jun 1, 2016 · 4 min read

We love to challenge the status quo at 3drops. When we stumble upon an interesting idea we sometimes spend around one week on articulating and prototyping our vision.


  • What if instead of finding a ticket, a ticket found you?
  • What if researching airline tickets was so easy you could do it in your sleep?
  • What if you could find inspiration to visit new destinations, without having to plan your trip at a traditional brick and mortar travel agency?

A lot has changed in the flight ticket industry over the last 10 years. Not too long ago, buying a ticket typically began at a brick and mortar travel agency and was associated with layers of service fees stacking up on top of the ticket price. It was also a time consuming and tedious process that involved driving to the city center and standing in line at multiple travel agencies, just to get an idea of how much a flight ticket should cost.

Today the majority of ticket purchases take place on the Internet. According to market research institution GfK, 90% of travel bookings in 2014 involved going online. Airlines still sell the majority of tickets, but finding and comparing them now takes place on third-party ticket search engines that offer flights from thousands of suppliers globally.

This means great news for all travelers and bad news for the flight ticket industry since higher competition means lower profit margins, which translates to cheaper tickets for the end-consumer. Yay! But with all this availability and literally thousands of options to sort through, searching for and finding the right tickets has become a time-consuming and tedious process. Again! In fact, a study conducted by GfK shows that the average online ticket purchaser visits 22 websites before committing to a purchase, and disregarding if the purchaser buys the ticket online or offline they will have spent nearly 3.5 hours researching online.

Introducing Bounce! In order to make finding and purchasing flight tickets less tedious, we flipped flight ticket search on its head. Instead of you finding tickets, tickets find you. Our solution to the problem is an iOS app that is both fun and simple to use. Rather than forcing travelers to actively search for cheap tickets, the app asks you three fundamental questions. These are:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. When do you want to go?
  3. What is your budget?

By simply taking a travelers budget into the equation, Bounce will already provide you with more on-point results than you would find by navigating over to many of the conventional search engines. Our API and your smart devices push notifications work in tandem to provide you with tickets that always fit within your budget and timing. Without you having to spend valuable time doing research.

Click to play the prototype

We wanted to create a focused on-boarding flow since conventional ticket search engines centers more around upselling than providing a great user experience. By using playful language and separating the on-boarding into several screens with easy-to-answer questions as the only action, we guide the users into the app in a delightful way.

Click to play the prototype

As soon as you have completed the on boarding; lay back, relax and let the app get to work for you. You will receive a notification whenever a ticket appears that fits your preferences. Your ticket preferences can easily be adjusted by simply navigating over to the ticket settings.

  • Goodbye, Cookie monster: Search engines use sneaky cookies to analyse our urge to purchase. In practice, it means that the more times you repeat your online searches for a certain date or destination, the higher the prices will become.
  • Farewell spammy upsells: We cut away all the unnecessary clutter such as hotel bookings and car rentals and simply focus on providing our users with the most on point flight tickets.
  • Notifications–For the people!: We’ll keep you in sync with the cheapest ticket prices by querying retailers at low-demand times of the day. Buying a ticket at 3am on a Tuesday morning is cheaper than buying at 2pm on a Sunday. Why? Because supply and demand controls the price on all products and services, hence, the lower the demand at a given time the lower the price. With bounce, we’ll feed you high demand tickets at low demand hours of the day.
  • Buy the ticket, take the ride: For all you globetrotters and dare devils, Bounce suggests tickets to any destination within your price and time frame. Just select “Bounce anywhere” and you’ll find inspiration to take on your next adventure all day, every day.

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