Counterfeit Part 2

We are on part 2 of the blog Counterfeit. I heard a preacher tell a story of a very well known minister. A church where he was the guest speaker had been praying for revival and it came! God moved in incredible ways. Now as they are into the seventh week of this move and people are coming from so many different places. Wonderful, life changing events are happening but then one of the leaders went to the pastor and said they would have to bring the revival to a close. The suggestion came because the cars that belonged to the people coming from long distances were leaking oil on their grass. So because the grass was more important than what God was doing in the lives of all of those that were coming, the church stopped it.

How sad is that story? Who missed their divine appointment with God at that particular time?

The next story is about a revival at the church I was a part of and worked for. I can tell you it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life so far! Seeing first hand what was taking place, I am still in awe and so thankful that God allowed me to be apart of this event in 2008.

There were so many people coming we had to move venues eight times so that it could accommodate at least 10,000 people each night! Lives from all over the world were changed. More than 12,000 people were witnessed to on the street and accepted Jesus. It was broadcast by GodTV going into 40 million homes. Churches all over the world live-streamed the broadcast into their building and the same miracles that happened in Lakeland would happen in their church.

I have heard it said, “…it was not God; it was a money maker.” Revival can be messy. Lies will be told against those that host such an event. This was not a counterfeit revival; it was the real deal.

People that did not understand what was taking place in the lives of so many were focusing on the wrong issues. Many lives were changed but the money paid for eight different places that would hold 8–15 thousand people a night as well as the other expenses that go with taking care of all of the guest that came. Let’s not focus on appearances and money but instead let’s focus on of all the wonderful miracles that took place. Revival can and will get messy!

God gives us the wisdom to know the difference between someone trying to counterfeit a move of God and a real move of God. Once a real move of God starts PLEASE do not stop it no matter if you get oil on your grass or if money comes into the ministry. Someone has to pay the bills; it’s very costly and not free. Stand your ground and desire God more than anything when a revival starts in your church or area. As Christians and Believers in Jesus we must be on one team.

I pray that all of you would take the time to learn about what is taking place around the world and why. If you are praying for revival learn to get out of the way and allow God to move. He is not going to do anything unless we volunteer to move out of HIS way!

To sum it up; forget about holding back because you think that someone may try and counterfeit God causing someone to not understand. Those are very bad excuses to stand in the way of what God just may want to do in your life and in the life of the church.

Dr. Patsy Riggs