Product Highlights #3: Embedded User Wallets

Tom Borgers
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4 min readJul 21, 2023

Welcome to the third post in our Product Highlights Series leading up to our Beta launch. To start from the beginning, check out our first post here. We’re super excited to keep sharing with you what we’ve been building over the past few months. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on Beta release details and future product news!

Welcome back to our Product Highlights series! In today’s post, we’ll highlight the end user experience made possible by 3mint’s embedded end user wallets.

In short, using Web3 requires a crypto wallet; while that’s traditionally presented a major barrier to entry for most consumers (the majority of which don’t have a crypto wallet), we can abstract away this requirement with 3mint’s embedded end user wallets. Now, you can automatically create wallets for your users in the background when they sign up for an account. That means no seed phrases, no gas, and no crypto required. And of course, we’ll always leave users with the choice to use their own self-custodial wallets; no compromises necessary. Let’s dig in!

The 3mint Wallet

The 3mint wallet is designed for maximal end user usability without compromising on security. Your users can access it via email or social login, and you put your mind at ease knowing that it’s secured by Fireblocks, the best-in-class MPC technology provider securing digital assets for large companies and financial institutions alike.

Brands can easily create wallets for users automatically and understand wallet activity at a user level. Moreover, the wallet is designed to offer users an intuitive interface focusing on engagement and utility.

What can users do with the wallet today?

  • View their digital collectibles, as well as the perks that are associated with them
  • Transfer or gift collectibles to an external wallet, completely gaslessly
  • Connect to third party dapps and token gated sites, such as Shopify-based ecommerce sites, to access perks like discounts and exclusives
  • Create Apple and Google Wallet Passes that represent their collectibles, allowing them to use these passes to redeem perks in person or access events

That’s not all. Soon, the 3mint wallet won’t be just a wallet, but rather it’ll serve as the hub for all the different brand communities users are a part of. They’ll be able to easily navigate between their brands’ community pages and access quests and perks that are tied to digital collectibles.

3mint is designed first and foremost for marketing teams, but we know that creating smooth interfaces that look and feel like your own sometimes requires deeper integration into your own apps. That’s no problem: 3mint wallets are also accessible through our APIs, allowing you to create wallets programmatically and get wallet data such as balance and collectibles.

Why Is This Important?

  • Easy onboarding: no wallet? No problem. Your users shouldn’t have to worry about creating a wallet, getting crypto, and optimizing their gas payments to pay for transactions. With 3mint wallets, they don’t have to. Wallets can be generated on the fly for them and forever accessed through an email or social login. Transactions are completely handled on the 3mint backend, removing any barrier to get started with digital collectibles.
  • Safety and Security: You shouldn’t have to compromise on wallet security to provide a delightful user experience — we certainly won’t. Our wallets are secured by MPC technology, allowing both you and your customers to engage with digital collectible-powered engagement worry-free.
  • Flexibility: We always aim to provide the tools you need to create the best end user experience, depending on your business’s specific needs and demographic. We let you choose what wallet options to provide to your customers, and even when your users choose 3mint wallets, we’ll always support their ability to transfer their assets to an external wallet, gas-free of course.
  • Utility: at the core of everything we are building at 3mint is an unwavering belief that Web3 is about, and enables, interoperability — between brand and complementary brand, between brand and retailer, between brand and creator, etc. This interoperability is what will drive the next massive unlock in loyalty, engagement, and ecommerce — and it starts with users being able to access token gated content and apps by using their digital collectibles as keys. With our embedded wallets, we are allowing users to not only earn collectibles, but use those collectibles to connect to third party web3-powered apps (dapps) — creating a whole new lever of gamification and utility for brands and users.

In this post, we focused on 3mint’s embedded user wallets that enable you to create amazing user experiences without sacrificing what makes web3 so special. In subsequent posts, we’ll talk more about the innovations that allow us to expand on that UX. Stay tuned for more!

About 3mint

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