Product Highlights #4: Claim Links

Tom Borgers
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4 min readJul 27, 2023

Welcome to the fourth post in our Product Highlights Series leading up to our Beta launch. To start from the beginning, check out our first post here. We’re super excited to keep sharing with you what we’ve been building over the past few months. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on Beta release details and future product news!

Welcome back to our Product Highlights series! In today’s post, we’ll highlight how easy it is to sell or distribute your digital collectibles through 3mint’s dedicated Claim Links.

In our first post in the series, we outlined “how it works:”

1. Create a collection
2. Create your collectible
3. Create a claim link or use our APIs to sell or distribute the collectible

Today, we can dig deeper into number 3. Let’s begin with why we spent so much time building out this claim link framework in the first place. As NFTs reached record levels of popularity in 2021, the “drop” became the word of choice for a sale of an NFT, while the “airdrop” became the primary way to earn NFTs by participating in some way in the community. For example, take an active role in the community Discord, and you might get airdropped an extra special NFT. While PFP projects were de rigueur, this parlance dominated.

Functionally, however, this had limitations — particularly for brands whose customers weren’t accustomed to NFT drop mechanics and who were interested in using collectibles as part of their ongoing marketing and retention efforts. We knew we had to rethink the process of distributing collectibles once they had been created. Enter Claim Links.

What are claim links?

Claim links are a flexible, configurable way to sell or distribute digital collectibles you’ve created on the 3mint platform.

What can you configure?

  • Information to display: your audience dictates how and what you should present to them. We give you the flexibility to toggle on/off the collectible’s Description and Benefits, so you can decide what’s right for your customers. You could choose to articulate the value proposition behind the collectibles right there on the claim page, or you could decide to provide a simpler user journey and toggle this off, collapsing the onboarding process.
  • Wallet selection: 3mint also gives you the ability to offer different wallet types to your users. You can choose to offer a non-custodial option, such as a MetaMask; or the 3mint custodial wallet (see our last post to learn more about the 3mint wallet), or both! Once again, if you feel like opting for maximal onboarding simplicity, you can elect to offer just the 3mint wallet, which will skip the wallet selection process entirely, ensuring minimal confusion. And don’t worry, your users are never locked into the 3mint wallet — we will always support transferring out assets to non-custodial wallets.
  • Time and date: interested in creating a time-bound sale or distribution? No problem, you can govern time parameters and even offer different time-bound links to different customer segments. Which brings us to…
  • Whitelisting: by default, every digital collectible created on 3mint has its own auto-generated link that is open to anyone who receives it. However, we understand that you might want to create links for specific segments or individuals. You can create any number of claim links and whitelist by customer (email) or segment.
  • Branding: claim links reflect your brand — you can highlight your logo, your brand name, and your colors, from the background to the buttons.

Link configuration doesn’t end there. You can share links in emails, use our QR generator, or embed them in 3rd party QR codes. Also, claim links automatically become checkout links if you’ve designated a price for the digital collectible. Naturally, we handle crypto and credit card payments to ensure anyone can easily onboard.

Today, each link appears on a responsive, dedicated page. In the very near future, we’ll also offer the option to display these via React components that you can embed on your website, and provide a gray label offering that lets you customize the UI at a more granular level, hide the 3mint branding, and insert your own.

In this post, we focused on 3mint’s claim links, which offer an intuitive and flexible way to sell or distribute digital collectibles to your customers and users. In subsequent posts, we’ll talk about how to create more dynamic experiences with digital collectibles 😉. Stay tuned for more!

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