Product Highlights #5: Dynamic Collectibles & Memberships

Tom Borgers
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4 min readAug 3, 2023

Welcome to the fifth post in our Product Highlights Series leading up to our Beta launch on August 16th! To start from the beginning, check out our first post here. We’re super excited to keep sharing with you what we’ve been building over the past few months. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on Beta release details and future product news!

Welcome back to our Product Highlights series! In today’s post, we’ll talk about how you can use 3mint to go beyond static digital collectibles to create dynamic experiences for your users.

If you’ve followed the NFT space from afar, or even followed our writings on Reddit and Starbucks, you may have a rather, *ahem,* static view of digital collectibles. Create a unique name and some traits, slap a JPEG on it, and voila: you have made a digital collectible. Now, of course, static or not, digital collectibles are records of data, and you can always tie them to perks and experiences that could be redeemed by verifying the collectible. But what if you could create rules that affect the collectible’s appearance — or, even better, its attached utility? What if your collectible could evolve based on external factors, such as completing a quest or reaching a threshold of points? Now we’re cooking.

Dynamic Collectibles

Simply put, Dynamic Collectibles are NFTs that can update based on rules or external conditions — and that includes anything from the actual media asset to the attached metadata (like the name description, attributes, etc.).

Why is this important?

Dynamic Collectibles unlock a whole new range of use cases while tapping deeply into gamification. Some popular use cases we’ve seen:

  • Dynamic art: first off, we’ve seen incredible artworks leverage dynamic properties, such as Solvency by Ezra Miller or Jack Butcher’s Checks project.
  • Upgradeable badges: whether in gaming itself, or simply in scenarios that leverage game design mechanics, it’s become quite popular to mark achievements with badges. Now, these badges can evolve when milestones are met.
  • Digital identity: from something like a digital CV that updates based on courses you’ve done and certificates you’ve earned, to IoT-related use cases like DIMO, which issues a collectible corresponding to your actual vehicle that updates based on mileage (and other) data.
  • Redeemable phygitals: we’ve seen incredible innovation in fashion, tying the physical to the digital. Redeemable physical goods based on digital collectibles are made possible with dynamic NFTs, where the redemption status of the NFT can be updated to reflect a redemption.
  • Rewards management: more generally, rewards or perks tied to a digital collectible can easily be updated based on reward redemptions, enabling easy third party verification of rewards based on a customer’s ownership of a collectible.


One of the most exciting use cases is Memberships that can evolve based on a member’s activity, financial or otherwise. For example, you could create membership tiers based on certain point thresholds; when those are met, the membership automatically evolves to the next tier. And it’s just not the membership’s appearance that will change, but also the perks it unlocks.

How does it work?

With the launch of the 3mint Beta, you can create dynamic collectibles by using our metadata API. This allows you to fully control the trigger events on your app or site, while using the API to update the digital collectible based on those events. The only limit is your imagination. 😉

It’s super easy to get started:

  1. Create a new Collection
  2. Create a Collectible, with metadata attributes defined
  3. Use our Metadata API to programmatically update the designated Collectible

You’ll find your API key in your Settings, and the API reference can be found in our docs. By the way, you can also change the metadata manually at any time from within the 3mint platform. And best of all, very soon you’ll be able to create automations within 3mint (no APIs needed!) to affect your digital collectibles based on quests and earn rules that your customers participate in. For example, if you connect your Shopify site to 3mint, you could automatically update your customers’ memberships when they hit a certain spend threshold. Just magical! 🪄

In this post, we focused on how you can create dynamic digital collectibles using the 3mint platform and underlying APIs. If you have any questions on how to most effectively use these tools, don’t hesitate to reach out at In our next post, we’ll cover some of the practical features we’ve built into 3mint to allow you to manage your customers, teams, and organizations as you build out the future of customer loyalty and engagement.

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