3peat Contest Details #ThisisLA3peatLA

Mission: No, you show us the real Los Angeles.

3 winners will:

  1. Win 300 dollars hard cold cash to help fund their creativity.
  2. Win a custom heatclub tee shirt to commemorate their post.
  3. Win a tweet worth of space in the description of their tee to make an artist statement.

*All proceeds from tee sales will go towards funding the next contest.

  • how: Tag your post with the #thisisla3peatla. By doing so, you agree to our terms & conditions.
  • deadline: Contest ends the moment the winners are announced on Instagram, Friday 6/15/2018. **EXTENDED TO 6/22**
  • Terms & Conditions: Post whatever you like, however many you like. You don’t have to be from Los Angeles. One image per post. Original work only. You grant us non-exclusive rights to use your image. Prize money will be awarded via PayPal. Your IG handle will be included in every mention of your post. Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Our Goal

3peat wants to promote you on Instagram.

“But I already do that myself! Fuck you!”

Yes, and so does everyone else. You already know, that’s the problem.

We are artists too, and we just want to help.

If someone who otherwise would have never visited your profile liked you, then sweet.

Mission accomplished.

Open our eyes. Blow our minds.

Say what we needed to hear in a world where so much still needs to be said.

Don’t wait. Post now.

3peatLA has been in DTLA since 2014. Doors open by appointment only. They are currently located at 850 S Broadway and online at heatclub.com.