Traveltech Trends Report method of analysis

So what are the emerging trends in the industry? And how do we identify these?

By scanning ventures across the globe, we’ve identified 100k+ tech ventures with a product or service relevant to the travel industry. Using our unique disruption indicators, we further refined those ventures by analysing smart-money, company traction and the teams behind each venture.

The result is a 150-strong index of the world’s most innovative Traveltech startups identified as having the potential to dramatically influence the entire industry. This dataset is used to define current and emergent tech trends in the industry, showing areas of focus and opportunity.

“The good thing is, with innovation, there isn’t a last nugget. Every new thing creates two new questions and two new opportunities .”
Jeff Bezos — Founder and CEO,Amazon

Index overview

Travel is a multi-faceted industry with several dimensions and customer touch points, all of which are experiencing disruption from innovation across the globe.

Using our Traveltech index data, the chart below provides a breakdown of how the world’s most innovative ventures are currently disrupting the customer journey in 2017.

Customer journey breakdown

Trend breakdown

The results show a majority of disruptive ventures currently providing and developing products and services within the ‘Inspire & Search’ and ‘Booking & Travel’ stages. ’On-Trip Experience’ is also receiving a lot of attention, with activities-based ventures such as Klook growing rapidly in number.

On the upside, the saturated ‘Accommodation’ stage, currently dominated by Airbnb, is seeing comparatively very little successful tech disruption, whilst the under-served ‘Post-Trip Experiences’ stage of the customer journey also makes up only 10% of disruptive ventures.

By analysing the recurrent trends across the index and identifying the areas currently receiving saturated levels of investment, as well as those beginning to see investment levels rise, we’ve identified the current and emerging trends across the industry.

Traveltech Trends Report 2017/18