What’s that (gitlab) BOT?

Since some time in both some freenode ubuntu-related and gnome channels, people might have been bothered (or not :)), but the presence of this IRC bot (named ubot5-ng in freenode):

As I’ve set in the /whois, I'm the man behind it, and it's actually running for some time from a snap inside a cloud instance I manage and hosted by Canonical.

This was just a quick-hack (so take it as it is) I did as I was annoyed by not to getting the bug infos when linking the the always increasing references to GNOME or Debian projects. The source-code is here, while configuration files (can provide samples if curious) are just enabling the minimum necessary for having this joining the channels and disabling all the other plugins.

However, it currently supports parsing issues and merge proposals for Github and various Gitlab instances (gitlab itself, GNOME, and Debian Salsa)

Yeah, I know:

  • There are other bot options, but I just wanted to hack something quickly
  • It should be moved to git, cleaned up removing the unused bugzilla stuff
  • Supybot should be replaced with its new fork Limonria
  • I should host the code in a GNOME gitlab project together with the configuration (without the API tokens, of course)
  • Jonas asked for colors :-D

I’ll probably do this once I’ve some free time (hard to find, in between my travels), but in the mean time, in case this bothers you, let me know, if instead want it to join other channels, tell me too :)

Originally published at Treviño’s Blog.