Financing the 3WM Eco-Innovation Program

One of the major solutions to accelerate the ecological transitions around the world is first to invest in promising projects that can bring sustainable solutions to the problems of waste management, air and water pollution, and climate change.

3WM Group
3WM Group
Jun 18, 2020 · 4 min read
Financing the 3WM Eco-Innovation Program

The development, industrialization, and deployment phases of our 3WM® internal and partner products are crucial. Each partner joining the ecosystem will receive board approval to help them to scale.

The 3WM Eco-Innovation Program will be funded as follows:

+ 14% of all funds collected during the crowdfunding ITO campaigns will be locked in the fund reserve.

+ 3% of the yearly benefits realized by 3WM® will be allocated to the fund.

+ 100% of the ecological fees paid for each PoEA transaction on the network will be sent to the fund.

+ 90% of all community donations will be allocated to the fund. The other 10% will be used for the development of 3WM®.

+ 100% of all donations from ecological organizations joining the PoEA program will contribute to supporting the development of humanitarian actions.

All funds will be converted into 3WM tokens and allocated to the 3WM EcoAction smart contract. Each donor must be registered on the 3WM platform before contributing to ensure the provenance of the donation.

The community can verify that their contributions are used as promised. 3WM® ensures that funds will finance the program and that the money will go where community members expect by bringing more transparency to benefit 3WM EcoAction programs. Indeed, all transactions will be recorded on the distributed blockchain ledger, which ensures that records are immutable, meaning that they cannot be altered or manipulated.

Community Donors

The fund accepts direct donations from the community, allowing investments to grow and develop our ecological ecosystem quickly. All non-profit organizations and individuals have the option to contribute directly by sending 3WM tokens to the fund on the smart contract, avoiding traditional donation opacity.

  • Due diligence and project approval for funding
  • Funded amount unlocked to finance projects
  • Funds received to finance the eligible project
  • Organizations or individuals donate after the completion of EcoAction programs
  • A yearly donation of 3% of 3WM® benefits
  • Audit of the amount funded by community donors
  • A yearly donation of 2% of each EcoAction project benefits
  • 100% of the daily ecological transaction fees

3WM Token Payment Service

The 3WM token was developed to allow our community and partners to use ecological products and services proposed online through the 3WM platform and on our bioenergy plant network and ETC network. The 3WM token can be used to acquire, rent, or use products, technologies, and services offered by 3WM® or its labeled partners (Ecological Responsibility Label):

+ Purchase energy from our waste-to-bioenergy or plastic-to-bioenergy installations (biofuel, electricity, calorific, etc.)

+ Rent or purchase 3WM®’s technologies and equipment for purification and water treatment

+ Purchase treatment services for medical, industrial, or household waste

+ Purchase or rent materials dedicated to mobility with a reduced carbon footprint

+ Purchase certification training in the field of renewable energy and cleantech

3WM Ecological Responsibility Label

3WM Ecological Responsibility
3WM Ecological Responsibility

Ecological responsibility is the moral duty of ecological solution providers to ensure sustainability by providing ecological products or operations. Each individual, company, and organization contributes towards the protection of the environment by following the PoEA protocol.

The 3WM ecosystem is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Through research, development, and innovative technologies, we invest in the well-being of our international community of providers, clients, organizations, and supporters.

If you, as an individual or a corporate entity, wish to expand your ecological responsibility, here are a few ways you can do so:

1. Education and Awareness

The first step towards any social or cultural change is to raise awareness of ecological actions. Reaching out to local schools, workshops, and social groups will help spread the importance of ecological responsibility. It’s never late to learn, especially if that new knowledge will help to make our lives and our beautiful planet better.

2. Get Everyone Involved

The more people involved in social change, the better. Work together with all stakeholders that aim to improve our environment. Volunteers, companies, and organizations will be part of your community, encouraging the widespread growth of ecological responsibility.

3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Get your community on board. They are more likely to take part in or support a green initiative if they see how passionate or enthusiastic 3WM®’s stakeholders are by proposing initiatives, products, and scientific research. The community will see our ecological policies in action every day. A strong history of environmental care will impress clients, providers, supporters, and investors. Moreover, it is useless to urge somebody to change if you’re not changing yourself.

4. Support Local Suppliers

Sourcing our materials from local suppliers cuts down on transportation costs and the fuel emissions that go along with it. Local goods are also more likely to have been made or grown in an environmentally safe manner. Accepting our ecological responsibility is not just preaching about global warming. It involves a shift in our thoughts and actions that encourages sustainability and the improvement of our shared environment.

There is literally no downside to making your business more eco-conscious. Even the initial costs of installing energy-efficient equipment, for example, are quickly recouped. Many investors will check your environmental responsibility policies before investing, and you will have your customers’ respect and support.

Acting in an eco-friendly manner is sometimes easier than you think. We are the only ones who set limits regarding our way of thinking. Be a change with 3WM!

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