Technology That Benefits Nature: 3WM’s Waste Monetization Approach

Ecology has always been an antonym to technology rather than a synonym. We have been taught that technology wipes out natural resources and occupies the places that were once green, but is that still true? How can we implement high-tech solutions to improve our planet’s prosperity? The answer is closer than you may expect.

3WM Group
3WM Group
May 29, 2020 · 4 min read
Technology That Benefits Nature: 3WM’s Waste Monetization Approach

With the 3WM Project, we’re aiming to democratize the eco-technological solutions developed by 3WM® on a global scale. These solutions allow users and solution providers to contribute to an eco-friendly system every day on their own scale to lower human pollution.

The 3WM Project aims to develop, industrialize, and deploy concrete solutions to the identified ecological problems:

+ Waste: monetize and transform waste into energy

+ Water: treat and purify water

+ Mobility: reduce the environmental impact of transportation

3WM® is creating a global network of 60 waste-to-bioenergy plants and a global network of intelligent eco-tech centers (ETCs) supporting the creation of sustainable first-class waste, water, and technological mobility solutions. Each ETC enables experimentation (research and development), industrialization (production infrastructure) and distribution of all 3WM® products. The ETC network will gather all key global players in the environmental sector, ranging from waste collectors, industrials, searchers, and investors to public entities. The first ETC is already set up at Mulhouse in Alsace, France.

In addition to enhancing current efforts to address ecological issues, there is enormous potential to create blockchain-enabled game-changers. The application of blockchain technology, often in combination with other technologies, can potentially provide breakthrough economic and social solutions. The following set of potential game-changers are defined by important features:

1. Proof of 3WM EcoAction (PoEA) reward system to allow mainstream adoption by building a sustainable community that contributes to and supports the project;

2. Fractional digital representation of day-to-day use of an ecological asset that we called the 3WM token

3. Transparent and auditable 3WM EcoInnovation Program

4. Ecological Responsibility Label to certify that all 3WM products follow ecological standards

5. Payment token (3WM token) for products and services proposed by 3WM® and its partners; the 3WM token will be used as a method of payment and offer preferential access at a discounted price


PoEA is a community program that rewards ecological contributions that protect or enhance natural environmental resources, building the capacity of our community to sustain these activities into the future.

The program supports future projects that address a minimum of one of the three pillars of waste, water, and mobility. Evidence demonstrates that community investment and commitment are key contributors to achieving sustainable long-term benefits for the entire ecosystem we are building. The incentivization program allows 3WM to reward each contributor who plays a key role in motivating ecological actions:

+ Clients or users using 3WM products or participating in the bounty 3WM EcoAction Program launched through the platform

+ Providers offering 3WM ecological-certified products or participating in the bounty 3WM EcoAction Program

+ Organizations supporting 3WM projects daily or b contributing to the 3WM Innovation Program for the development of 3WM’s ecological projects

The program is dedicated to the promotion of a set of ecological programs within the recipient community, including communicating the program to potential applicants and providing information, advice, support, and feedback on the development of the program. Each action will be recorded and incentivized by distributing 3WM tokens when contributors achieve their ecological goals as defined for each dedicated program.

Example: Incentivize Stakeholders to Bring Plastic Waste

Stakeholders will be incentivized to bring plastic waste to collection areas, where it will be transformed into bioenergy. Rewarding waste collection based on the PoEA is a new way to create a sustainable ecosystem for the planet. There’ no incentive for collectors to spend all day gathering waste if their cash payments will be stolen, and there’s no incentive for companies to purchase recycled plastic if those funds end up lining the pockets of organized criminals.

3WM deducts an ecological fee of 1% of the total amount of each 3WM EcoAction transaction on the PoEA protocol. The ecological fees are directly allocated to the 3WM EcoInvestment fund. Instead of cash, collectors will receive a blockchain-based digital token that can be exchanged for l goods or services from companies that use 3WM’s platform.

Fractional Ecological Asset with 3WM Tokens

The main benefit of blockchain technology is the ability to create a trustworthy distributed system for transferring fractional digital assets without the need to use a third-party system. Blockchain technology is the new financial digital revolution. The digitalization of our physical assets to exchange and track value will be mandatory soon.

The 3WM token is a standard ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain representing our ecological action asset used in our ecosystem. It will also be used to incentivize ecological actions through dedicated programs, contributing to the development of ecological projects and facilitating the use of the products and services offered by 3WM® across its projects.

For example, users will be able to use their 3WM tokens in the following ways

+ Convert into fiat cash (euros, dollars, or local other currencies);

+ Buy 3WM® energy products, such as biodiesel, biogas, fertilizer, and electricity originating from plastic or waste transformation;

+ Rent or buy any 3WM® water, mobility, or solar product or service

+ Buy high-quality drinking water produced by 3WM®

3WM Group

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3WM Group

3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy

3WM Group

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3WM Group

3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy

3WM Group

3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy

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