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First of all, health, fitness, and success are not just for the select few. You can have a share of that too. It’s all about how you approach it. It starts with what you believe you can do and connect with the support that will help you do it. In this segment, you’re going to get practical steps to help you own your health and fitness, own your business and create a bigger future than you thought. Every big dream or achievement starts with little steps, taken consistently over time.

Fitness and business

Natasha started working as an online Beachbody health and wellness coach, mostly because of losing a previous business and needing to support her family. So as a coach, she has been through similar struggles as my clients. Her goal is to help people get healthy and fit because your health and fitness level has a direct correlation to the health of your business. Many entrepreneurs often go an entire day without eating and then when dinner time comes, they are so hungry they rarely make a good food choice and this is part of an unhealthy pattern. It’s easy to yo-yo from being in top form to being in less than top form.

The coaching action plan

The following tools are the core of how Natasha helps clients achieve their health and fitness goals:

· online support groups

· workout plans

· nutrition plans

· nutritional shakes

· regular, consistent encouragement

It’s a process that helps people change their mindsets and belief around health and fitness as well as what they think they can achieve in business — the two go hand in hand.

The biggest challenge in achieving fitness

The biggest challenge is always your mindset. All of us have ingrained beliefs from childhood, based on things we couldn’t do or accomplish, and these accumulate into self-limiting beliefs and thoughts about what is possible or not possible.

It takes a lot of work to overcome negative and limiting self-beliefs, but with enough encouragement and progress, you soon discover you can push harder, do more — press play on that workout video, make the right meal choices, etc.

Other limiting beliefs include I’m not-enough thoughts — not good, skinny, strong, smart, wealthy, deserving, whatever-enough… When you as an entrepreneur hold these beliefs within you, no amount of business coaching or tools will make a difference, because it will bounce off.

How to overcome negative self-beliefs

1. Focus on encouraging yourself using positive affirmations.

2. Commit to consuming personal development material. It is life-changing — the more you read it, the more your mindset changes and the more positive action you will take to make more progress. There are so many helpful books, podcasts and YouTube videos on this subject.

3. Choose gratitude.

These three steps create a strong foundation — without it, you won’t get very far. Natasha started out at the beginning of her coaching journey and failure was not an option. She knew she would be successful. But a few months later, she started comparing herself to other people, to their successes and wondering why she wasn’t doing so well. She blamed others and became filled with resentment, which turned into a weight gain of 20 pounds. Eventually, she knew she had to decide to stop living in self-pity and comparison. It was time to move on with her life and business. The book I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones helped her do this.

The book is about finding your passion, being bold and brave, getting out of your own way and taking action. She was challenged to change her life and what she believed she was capable of.

Fear of failure can paralyze you and your business

This is another major struggle for many entrepreneurs and some are not even aware of it. Fear of failure is often front and center when an entrepreneur is just starting out and they’re feeling the pressure of having to make it work.

In terms of health and fitness, it’s about a fear of nutrition. We often have this silly idea that it is difficult, impractical and unsustainable. There’s a worry about counting calories and following a restrictive diet. In health coaching, that’s not the method at all. You are creating a healthy lifestyle where you can still enjoy your food, but in ways that keep you healthy.

Make an effort to step out, connect and share your goals

Fear of failure makes people afraid to engage with others because you don’t necessarily want to get to know them and then have them see you fail. Reaching out means making commitments to people and sticking to it, so for many, it’s just easier to isolate themselves instead.

Change the pattern. Get involved, join an online group. Everyone posts their nutrition, fun posts and share the workouts they’re doing. When you let the world know what your plans are, you’re more likely to follow through. It deepens your commitment and challenges negative thoughts based on past experiences. The past can tell you, hey, you’ve tried this before and it didn’t work, so how will this be any different? Why bother starting?

The past is not the future

Who you were in the past, doesn’t have to dictate who you are and what you can achieve today. The life you are given doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the life you have to live. Your past experiences have equipped you with new tools and wisdom and you can now choose which parts of the past are going to stay in the past, and which parts are useful for the present and future.

This realization liberates you to try new things without the past interfering with your beliefs about the future. You can create something new, exciting, and fulfilling and live a life you’re proud of.

The magic formula for success

It’s a very simple principle — consistent actions done over time and it starts with clarity. Clarity gives you sufficient confidence to start taking action. Even if you’re not entirely sure where you’re going yet. It can take time, and that’s okay too. But waiting for clarity and certainty on what you want can be a stumbling block. It’s not easy to get up and workout to feel better every day and it won’t always be perfect, but it will move you forward. That’s better than staying down and not doing anything. You don’t have to do it alone either. Again, reach out and connect. Share your goals and your progress with people who will support you along the way.

What does transformation look and feel like?

One of Natasha’s first clients started out very uncertain about what she wanted and about the program, but she wanted to try something new. Eventually, she got some weight loss results, but better than that, her confidence grew. She grew happier and her life improved. Confidence and joy are more transformative than weight loss because if you’re not happy with who you are on the inside, you’ll never be happy anyway.

When you gain more confidence in what you’re doing and who you are, it’s easier to start taking new actions in your business. The healthier you are, the fitter you feel, the more energy you have to accomplish more in your business.

Simple tips to start getting healthier right now

· The easiest way to make sure you eat healthily is to meal prep. Keep it simple. You don’t need to eat an elaborate meal. What you eat directly impacts how you feel, your mood, your sleep, and energy. If all of these factors are out of balance, you will not be able to do your best in your business.

· Don’t strive for the bare minimum. This won’t get you far in terms of energy or business.

· Stop comparing yourself with others. Especially on social media. Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be.

· Write down three meaningful things you’re grateful for every day.

· Own your mornings, check out Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning book, podcasts, and videos — implementing this practice is life-changing. As soon as you take ownership of your morning, you’ll take better ownership of your business. Things will start happening and unfolding like you never imagined.

· Do a daily workout, even if it’s just a short one.

Lastly, be brave enough to do what scares you and what you know will move your business forward with more momentum. Comfort zones only bring stagnation, so get used to being uncomfortable — it’s the right place to be for growth.

Want even more great guidance on finding and maximizing your time?

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