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40 Days 40 Writes

25. Beloved: Ode to lost friends

By Alan O’Hashi — 40 Days 40 Writes

My two cats, George and Gracie when they were kittens, circa 1980.

I lost one of my long-time friends, named Barbara. She didn’t die but walked away. It wasn’t the first time she dropped me. That happened before, maybe 10 years ago. Then she resurfaced when I asked her to help out with a movie project. Now she’s gone again.

We’ve managed to stay in touch after bouncing in and out of each other’s lives for 28…




I like 40 Days 40 Writes daily prompts. This is the third time I’ve participated and will be posting my prompt responses here for the next 40 days.

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Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Alan O'Hashi, Views from Behind the Lens

Have Typewriter-Will Travel: I’m a filmmaker & author. My book “Beyond Heart Mountain” was just released by Winter Goose Publishing www.beyondheartmountain.com

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