5 Email Marketing Strategies Backed by Science

With over 100 BILLION emails sent every day, email marketing remains one of the most important channels for business communication. At Spaceship we've analysed over 3M cold emails and in this short article I will share with you our findings regarding:

1. Personalisation
2. Subject Lines
3. Timing
4. Opens & Clickthroughs
5. The problem with newsletters

Personalise your emails

Lately I've read quite a few articles about how personalisation could be harmful, but I definitely disagree. A significant element of connecting with someone is knowing at least one thing about them. If you don't even know their name, 60–70% of people won't bother reading your email.

We've noticed that;
- Using first name in the subject line increases the open-rate by 20–25%
- Using the company name increases the response rate by 17%
- In contrary, using more than 3 placeholders doesn't bring any better results

The magic of subject lines

When it comes to crafting the best subject line — there are two general rules of thumb to follow.

  1. Longer subject lines = Higher clickthrough rate
  2. Short subject lines = Higher open rate

According to research by Adestra, which tracked almost 1 billion emails for its report, there appears to be one area to avoid: the subject line of 60 to 70 characters. It's a dead zone — meaning that there is no increase in either clickthroughs or open rate at this length of subject line.

We've seen that;
- Mentioning a mutual connection increases the open rate by 35–40%
- Offering something for free or asking a question also works very well

When to send your emails

Now, this is probably my most favourite part. Many times I've heard someone saying “We have to send this out before 5”. And I can finally say, it's not true. According to our research, the best time to send emails is at night. The time of day that received the best open rate was 8PM to midnight (across 3 continents; USA, EU, AUS). This block not only showed better open rate (around 20% increase), but also clickthrough and responses.

If you think about it, it's quite logical. Every person receives a bunch of promotional emails every single day. And 95% of those emails are sent between 9 to 5. So are you sure you want to compete with zillion other businesses for the recipient's attention at the same time?

Mobile opens accounts for >50% of all email opens

Mobile is slowly taking over desktop. So your email needs to look great no matter where it's read. Are your beautiful templates optimised for all devices? If not, you may be losing ~50% of your potential customers just because your email looks funky on mobile.

Some quick design tips;
1. Increase the font size for improved readability on phones
2. Buttons should have at least 44x44 pixels
3. Keep important elements (CT
Action buttons) in the middle
4. Use a simple (one-column) template for easy mobile fixes

The problem with your newsletters

Around two-thirds of your email list is dead . You can basically delete everyone who has been on that list for more than 90 days (and didn't become a customer yet). The likelihood of converting those users is close to zero. What you can do; is try to re-activate them with a targeted campaign. However, don't expect miracles. That is also why your team should be generating new leads every single day.

If you need some help with growing your email list, don't hesitate to contact us. We are currently helping hundreds of businesses grow with our highly-targeted leads.

Written by Dominik Vacikar.

Astronaut @spaceshyp • Founder @rentomato • Previously CMO @nestpick • Studied @Erasmusuni

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