Turn your LinkedIn into a revenue generating Sales Machine in a few simple steps.

Jan 12, 2016 · 4 min read

In the past few months, many of our clients have been asking us how to make the most of the leads we deliver. I’ve already written a short post about building custom audiences on Twitter, Facebook or AdWords. However, in this post I would like to show you how to turn your LinkedIn into a revenue generating sales machine.

#1 It all starts with high quality (e-mail) LEADS.

I’m not sure if you already knew this, but you can import your contacts to LinkedIn. For example from Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail. For the purpose of this post we will look at the “Import File” option. (You can find it if you click on ‘My Network’ -> ‘Add Contacts’). This option basically allows you to import a nice curated list of high quality e-mail contacts from your CRM or your databases.

So let’s say you have a nice list of 1,000 leads that might be interested in your product offering. Upload them to LinkedIn and ask them to connect with you (you can bulk send invitations). If you have a high quality LinkedIn profile — from experience on average 20–30% users will accept your invitation to connect. Of course, it also very much depends on who are you trying to connect to. The percentage is going to be obviously much lower for Fortune 500 CEOs.

#2 Convert like a Rockstar

Let’s say you tried to connect with 1,000 people. And 250 have accepted to connect. Now you have 250 prospects that you want to turn into customers. How do you do that? The trick is — don’t start selling anything to them immediately, rather inform them. There is nothing worse than to connect with someone, just to receive their copy-pasted sales pitch 10 minutes later. Be smart about it.

There are three ways to get them into your sales funnel:

  • Publish a post about your product/service. All your connections get a notification when you post to LinkedIn Pulse. It’s an easy way to get people to learn more about what you are doing.
  • Ask for feedback & try to get them to share their experience. If you write to someone; “We have a new app, try it out for free..” — it’s not going to work. But if you write “Hi Joe, I saw that you have been involved in this industry for 10 years and I would be grateful if ..” — they will care, because you have shown that you care about them.
  • Share valuable content. Literally the best way to get people to listen to you; is to share high quality content. Don’t share math quizzes or quotes. Keep that for Facebook or Instagram. Show that you stay up to date with innovations in your industry and share the best content from relevant influencers or journals.

#3 How to get there & what are the limits?

If you really want LinkedIn to become one of your well performing sales channels, you need high quality (e-mail) leads. And you need a lot of them. You can try to generate quality leads yourself or you can have a look at our offering. We currently help 300+ business to scale their revenue with our leads.

Some of our awesome clients

As any other “hack”, turning LinkedIn into a sales machine has some limitations. You should be aware that there are connection limits on LinkedIn. Last time I checked it was 5,000 outstanding invitations and 30,000 connections. So how to avoid restrictions;

  1. Focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY
  2. Work on your “Acceptance Ratio” continuously
  3. Spread the leads across your Sales Team

And let’s make it interesting! The first 10 readers who will send me an email to 321@spaceship.rocks will get a special discount from me on our leads.

Written by Dominik Vacikar.

Astronaut @spaceshyp • Founder@rentomato • Previously CMO@nestpick• Studied @Erasmusuni

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40 posts

40 posts

Stories from the makers of @spaceshyp. Sharing our thoughts and ideas in 40 posts / 2016 — Enjoy!