Carol is my best memory

Story told by: Robynn Bunch. Time: around 1976


“I first got involved at the MPNH when I was about …mmmhh… maybe 13? So that would have been 1976 I think. I joined the teen program with Carol White who was the teen worker at the time and we did all kinds of stuff. They had a pool table, and stuff and we’d come and play pool and then we’d go on trips occasionally. We’d go skiing or you know, swimming. We’d just do stuff! Oh I remember we used to do car washes and stuff too for fundraisers. We used to be pretty creative I think!

Carol did a lot of work with us and we grew quite close. She got me into macramé, and I remember I did this big giant huge macramé piece. I actually think she bought it I think! Carol and I were very close. I even know her favorite snack is celery and cream cheese! And she still loves celery and cream cheese. It was just hanging out with her, and her husband would be around occasionally, Michael. He’s just fabulous.

She was always there teaching me stuff

But Carol … was great. She’s like having a mom. She was always there teaching me stuff and just being a good guide, so very compassionate! I think to be honest if it wasn’t for her and Michael and some other people in my life, who knows what would’ve happened to me? My life definitely would have been a lot different. Back then I still didn’t make all 100% great choices, I made a lot of bad choices but it could have been way worse. I think she made my life better.

Carol is my best memory!”

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