Getting China Bowl skateboard park

Story told by: Robynn Bunch. Time: around 1977

“We were big skateboarders back in the day. Because the seventies, that’s when skateboarding started. Everybody wanted to have a skateboard, everybody wore Levis and Daytons and the storm rider jackets. I didn’t have Daytons but all the guys did! So we wanted a skateboard park, because Toronto had an indoor one. They had the only one in Canada, and we wanted one here in Mount Pleasant! We didn’t think it was right that we didn’t have one. We’d go on the back of the buses, and go in the pools and just do whatever when we had our spare time.

Carol White, who worked at MPNH, mentioned that you could petition the parks board and ask them that you want one. But you have to tell them why you want one and all that. So she helped us put a letter together and then we went down to the parks board one day and we presented. She got me to do it and I was just so, so shy! So I think I just read it really quickly .. looking down, that’s all I remember. And when it was all over I felt so stupid, I was so young. You know public speaking for the first time. But if it wasn’t for her I probably would’ve never done it.

If it wasn’t for her I probably would’ve never done it.

It was a lot of work to get China Bowl. But eventually we got it, our own skateboard park! And it’s still there! One of the guys who used to hang out, well him and his brother, Randy and Robin Weir, their dad used to make us half pipes and quarter pipes and stuff. But we wanted a skateboard pipe! And we got that too, and it’s still there. Apparently they fought for it recently because they were going to tear it down or something and they fought to save it, the local boarders. So that was kinda cool to find that out.”

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