Sweet trip 2 -Thai sweets and crabs @Phetchaburi

Recently we are into traditional thai sweets trip. Thai sweets called “Kanom”, have an abundant variety of types. There is “Kanom Tokyo” which I’ve never seen in tokyo, “Mochi” which is not a mochi that I expected, and similar texture or taste with Japanese sweets or Portuguese sweets. 
最近、タイの伝統菓子トリップに凝っている。タイのスイーツは “Kanom”と呼ばれ、色々な種類があって面白い。“Kanom Tokyo”という東京で見たことないようなお菓子に、“Mochi”という名のどう見ても饅頭なお菓子、日本のスイーツに似た食感を持ったものやポルトガルの影響を受けたものなどもある。

By the way, this Phetchaburi area is known for sweets with using palm sugar since they produce lots of them. This time we bought bunch of them at famous shops and compare all, like Portuguese influenced sweets “Kanom mo Kaeng”- similar to Pudding with super smooth texture, and “Foi thong”- so sweet that almost make your teeth melt and so on. 
ところで、この辺りはPalm sugarがとれるので、それを使ったスイーツが特産。そこで今回は、もともとポルトガル由来で口どけのよいプリンのような“Kanom mo kaeng”や“Foi thong”という歯が溶けそうなほど甘い卵黄でできたスイーツなど、人気なお店を聞いては買いまくって食べ比べてみる。

I liked “Kanom mo kaeng” with many variation with Taro, Banana and Green tea etc., however, the high light of this sweet trip was little bit south of Phetchaburi, in Hua Hin, “Thong muan” rustic snacks made by grandma. Blend with flour, eggs, coconuts milk and sesame, and bake extremely thin, roll up while it’s hot and when it’s cool down became super crispy and flavorful snack. I’m sure it will go with ice cream oh yea. (Well… about pic, I just focusing on cute grandma and forgot to take snack itself) Her mango sticky rice was the best one I’ve ever had before and was hot seller in that shop. Sweet trip that we just started and keep doing will be one of 40creations project called “KANOM STANDARD”. 
プリンみたいなやつは、タロイモが入ってたりとかバリエーションも豊富でいいかんじだったんだけれど、それでも今回のハイライトは、ペッチャブリからちょっと行ったHua Hinにあるばあちゃんが作ってた素朴なスナック“Thong muan”。粉や卵とココナッツミルクにゴマを練り込んだ生地を極薄で焼き、熱いうちにくるっと丸めると冷めたときにパリッパリのサブレのような風味よいスナックが出来上がる。これがアイスのコーンだったらマジで幸せだと思う味。(かわいいばーちゃんに気をとられて、そのスナック自体を撮るのは忘れた)。このばーちゃんがつくるタイのスイーツの代表格・マンゴースティッキーライスは、今までで一番おいしく、お店でも飛ぶように売れていた。さて、これからもっと行われるスイートトリップは、これから始まる 40creationsの新プロジェクト『KANOM STANDARD』の一環です。

Oh and Phetchaburi is famous for seafood also and it was very good, but crabs were outstanding. Crabbers were working from midnight to early morning and I was so engrossed in an ordinary but beautiful crabbers morning. Anyway I always love to visit rural area in Thailand which always welcome you with warm smile. 

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