Interesting Things #2016.31.218

A few lovingly curated pieces of information from me to you.

Arcade City Blog Post

This one just really tugs on my heart strings. When someone says. “Technology to implement these bleeding-edge concepts is still early in development and will take time to integrate into our model. We intend to contribute substantially to that development, open-sourcing most of our technology.” I like them already if they mean it. Arcade City appears to mean it so I hope I get to talk to them sometime soon.

From their site their ride share services allows, in its current release format, drivers to:

  • Set their own rates
  • Negotiate and transact directly with riders
  • Build direct relationships with riders for a stable and recurring customer base
  • Self-organize into ‘pods’, co-ops, or their own businesses

I don’t share their seemingly total disdain for Uber, Lyft and others. I think what those companies have done is incredible and they are giants in their own right pushing the very innovation in business models that needed to happen to allow Arcade City to become. But, I love their fire and I can’t wait to see how they evolve and grab a ride when they get to my city.

Mobile SMS Surveys | mSurvey

In their own words, “Instantly engage with people in remote and hard-to-reach regions around the world.” I heard from it on recommendation from a solid source and I love the idea of being able to reach anybody anywhere in such a way.

How Tech Breakthroughs Can Shatter the Bonds of Poverty

Article on the possibilities of Digital Financial Services (DFS). We are seeing amazing progress throughout the world affecting the lives of 100’s of millions of people in places like Africa w/ mPesa. As things like bitcoin and other crypto currencies mature, crypto equity becomes more well known and the world’s unbanked gain access to top tier financial services anyway an endless progression of changes for good should occur.

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