Open Bazaar Needs ExO Right, Why Not?

I’ve been playing around with OpenBazaar. It’s really cool and has the potential to be massively scalable and disruptive. Here’s a nice writeup about upcoming changes in 2.0. I actually launched a service for 1 BTC on the OpenBazaar for a virtual conference on Exponential Organizations. Nobody has taken me up on it yet but I do have 4 followers on my store! That’s pretty good all things considered. You can find me on Open Bazaar at my

OpenBazaar ID: ce6cf8699ca6f293909eafba075d35e2e1c197ed

or, by just searching for my name probably.

Here is a nice new article I just found here on Medium talking about 2.0 which I haven’t had a chance to play with yet.

An excerpt, “The first version of the OpenBazaar software launched April of this year, but the concept behind OpenBazaar — making trade free by moving it from closed platforms to a peer-to-peer (p2p) network — has only taken its first steps. What does the future of p2p trade look like? What does the next step for the OpenBazaar software look like?”

and for more general information on open bazaar:

It’s definitely one to watch. They truly “get” the tech.

FYI, I’m Kent Langley. My company site is at I am the CxO there. Additionally, I am core faculty at Singularity University and the Head of the Global Exponential Organizations Movement working w/ Salim Ismail and a TREMENDOUS team of 100+ consultants all around the world and two awesome companies ExO.Works and the Fastrack Institute. Find me if you need me!