The ExO Canvas

Kent Langley
Jun 1, 2016 · 2 min read

On 1 June 2016 the Exponential Organizations Canvas v1.0 launched to the world via the ExO Network of Consultants to ExO.Works. It was my honor to get to formally launch the canvas. Originally, 121 people signed up to contribute. By the end, 44 core participants had participated considerably in a gamified collaborative process that was run via a tool we chose called

Many prototypes were created. One of the ExO Network members Michael Monit did a great job herding the cats and kept a portfolio(Fig. 1) of the ideas alive as we went along. Here is a collage from our trello board.

Fig. 1 : Collage of Ideas and Designs Submitted during the creation process

Ultimately, we ended up with a design that was chosen and refined from all the suggestions, comments, discussions and plans made by the core ExO team members including Salim Ismail, author of the book Exponential Organizations. The final design emerged as version 1 of the ExO Canvas (Fig. 2).

ExO Canvas Version 1

The ExO Canvas helps visionaries, innovators, top executives and entrepreneurs design highly scalable organizations by leveraging new organizational techniques and accelerating technologies, creating an Exponential Organization (ExO).

The canvas is free to use, modify and share. You can find more information at the new website where you can read about and download your own copy of the canvas as PDF with examples.

We used the canvas as a part of a larger process called an ExO.Works Sprint effectively in a recent client engagement with a Mexican insurance company called Interprotección.

“This literally blew past my wildest expectations” -CEO, InterprotecciÓn

The learnings on how to leverage the tool, how it works together with other complementary tools such as the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition canvas will follow. For now, explore the tool and more soon!

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