The Good Times Are Over!

NOT! Welcome to 2016. My prediction? We are just getting started! Humanity is at a point in time on its technology innovation curve when stunning breakthroughs are possible and probable. Indeed, they seem to be reported almost daily.

Humanity, courtesy of SpaceX, just returned a rocket from space for reuse after delivering the 2nd stage to orbit. That event was incredible and a wonderful example of what is happening that must not be downplayed. The convergence of people, processes and technologies that were required for SpaceX to return a rocket and also deliver a payload to space is astounding. Major advances in software engineering, computation, rocket design, fuel and fuel management, mathematics, process engineering, technology operations, materials engineering, additive manufacturing and more have all converged in a single company to make this happen. What is driving this accelerating pace of innovation?

Accelerated technological innovation and disruption is occurring in many areas simultaneously. It's a techno-cambrian explosion of technology driven innovation. This, I suspect, is primarily due to a multiplier effect of many different technology evolution curves intersecting at the same time. A famous example is the rapidly falling cost of genome sequencing

and editing with rising technologies like CRISPR-Cas9.

These advanced are possible now for the same reasons that SpaceX can bring back that rocket. The rapid advance at integration of numerous processes and technologies by the right people at the right time.

It's a fascinating time to be alive and I am optimistic about the future as I find myself just over half way through this first work day of 2016.