SEA:ME @ 42 Wolfsburg

Engineering The Next Generation Of Automotive Innovation

Module 1: Embedded Systems

Module 2: Autonomous Driving Systems

Module 3: Mobility Ecosystems


42 Wolfsburg has a strategic focus on offering our students a specialization in SEA:ME. The following diagram outlines the development of the curriculum (alpha version, March 2022):

Join our Fellowship Program

We now invite automotive industry experts, engineers, software developers, and academic researchers to apply for our Fellowship Program. As a fellow you join a growing community of SEA:ME contributors. Send us your application by filling in this form.

Please have a look at our previous medium post: Mechatronics to Software to learn more about the SEA:ME background and stay tuned for further interesting updates!



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42 Wolfsburg/Berlin

42 is an innovative, higher education software engineering school, sponsored by Volkswagen