Why we invested in Occtoo

Moritz Zimmermann
Published in
2 min readFeb 2, 2021


When we were introduced to — on Zoom as customary during these days of a pandemic — the team at Occtoo, we were convinced that they’ve found and delivered a critical missing piece in the cloud-native Jamstack and headless API world.

As formerly monolithic enterprise software is sliced into ever smaller pieces, promising the holy grail of speed and agility, one thing unfortunately got lost along the way: Context.

In the past one could always associate data across entities with a simple database JOIN in order to bring context to the raw data. For example, if you wanted to see all the countries customers were coming from, that bought products of a certain manufacturer, all it took was a join in your query.

Today, enterprises are struggling to leverage data in context across their heterogeneous software stacks of often hundreds of micro-services and more than enough legacy applications. Yet, context is king to deliver an outstanding customer experience — personalization, relevance, search and browsing all feed off of context.

Occtoo brings back context to customer experience stacks: the emerging category of Experience Data Platforms fast forwards how companies create relevant experiences across the Jamstack (and bridges over legacy applications). Judging by their raving customer fans, introducing Occtoo to the stack has not only dramatically simplified but actually saved quite a few CX IT projects.

One of the key success factors was an unusually deep insight into customers’ pain points around modernizing CX stacks that serial entrepreneurs Niclas and Jimmy had gained from their previous company, InRiver.

Having gotten to know them both as highly-respected competitors in a past life, but also struggled myself to make sense of how to unify modern API-first services alongside a legacy application for e-commerce, their solution was the missing piece I was looking for all along.

We see an Experience Data Platform establishing itself as a must-have piece of tech in cloud native application stacks where high performance contextual delivery of data matters. And Occtoo is right now shaping that emerging category.