Piñatas and Power Slingshots

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Looking back, there were more birthday parties thrown in that spacious side yard than one could throw a stick at! Surrounded by hills, trees and stunning rock outcroppings, having a nice level yard area is something that really comes at a premium.

Year after year, delivering a cake onto a nice flat picnic table with all the beauty to look at filled many a happy party goer. But, it’s the power slingshots across the creek that were truly spectacular! Just imagine inviting all your closest friends to a gorgeous picnic on your property, perfectly cooled by the afternoon shade of Honey Locust trees. You have plenty of room for yard games of all kinds, including monster slip ‘n slides and then to top it off, you line up kids on one side swinging at a pinata, diving for candy and bigger kids ( read mostly Dads ) competing for who can throw the farthest water balloon from their tricked out slingshot!

The Farm is perfect for summer parties galore! From the parking, to the shade, there is even a nice cool creek to dip your feet into. What could possibly be better?