Joshua Jenkins
Aug 31, 2016 · 3 min read

A quick introduction to 46.87 before diving in: My goal with this journal is to create a place that exposes and celebrates interesting data related to the Bay Area. San Francisco and the broader Bay Area are complicated places and seem to be permanently in flux. There’s no shortage of anecdotes about this little piece of California, but there might be somewhat of a shortage of data-backed analysis. I don’t want to be too much in the analysis game with 46.87, but I do want to help find and expose datasets that can add clarity and depth to your Bay Area-related conversations.

August (and July) recap

Issue 1: The Mean Streets of San Francisco

SFMTA technically publishes traffic fatality data via interactive maps, but you can’t view all the data at once. I liberated the data and put some charts together that take a close look at traffic fatalities by vehicle type over time. Separately, I looked at Muni collisions by vehicle type. Read Issue 1.

Issue 1 preview

Issue 2: Trees Don’t Exactly Belong Here

Heroically, Urban Forest Map is creating a database of every tree in San Francisco. They’ve only made it to the city’s western neighborhoods but that’s plenty available to start to get a sense for what’s going on tree-wise in our newly green city. Read Issue 2.

Issue 2 preview

Issue 3: Eviction Notice Trends

Issue 3 uncovers nearly 20 years of eviction notice trends in San Francisco. The chart updates automatically when new data is released by the city once per month. Get a sense for how the 15+ eviction notice types are changing in magnitude over time. Read Issue 3.

Issue 3 preview

September starts tomorrow and I have a couple of good posts in the hopper. One of them might even include something other than a bar chart! Stay posted.

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Thanks for reading! See you in a month.

46.87 is a collaboration with Numeracy

P.S. I think 46.87 is off to a great start. But don’t take my word for it, listen to these unpaid internet strangers.



Monthly 46.87 updates. 46.87 dusts off and polishes Bay Area data sets.

Joshua Jenkins

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Designing @numeracyco



Monthly 46.87 updates. 46.87 dusts off and polishes Bay Area data sets.

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