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Blockchain Technology Market Value

By Matheus Darós Pagani
CEO of 4CADIA Foundation

There is plenty of speculation about the real value of blockchain technology around the globe. While most analysts focus on cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, the most famous among them, government and industry have become increasingly aware of the potential of this technology beyond the cryptocurrencies market.

$ 23.7 billion in investments were raised by 3,738 blockchain companies from 2013 to 2019. The subject became a dominant topic in Davos debates. Around 10% of the global GDP should be on the blockchain by 2027.

Governments have issued reports on the topic, but most still do not know how to deal with the inevitable change. Financial institutions and technology giants are investing resources to train and hire specialized teams to develop blockchain and IoT solutions.

The biggest players of the system already understand that the blockchain revolution is here to stay. According to the Delloite report, corporate investments in blockchain technology are growing in more and more industries as new applications gain traction. The honesty, transparency, responsibility and trust bought with technology promise to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, increasing security, lowering costs and reducing the occurrence of errors involved in numerous transactions.

However, it is still an incipient technology. In business terms, all endeavors are still crawling, and the full potential for profitability is still far from being tapped. While some companies are still afraid to venture into this world, others end up getting lost in unstructured experimentation without a clear view of a profitable business model.

The truth is that blockchain does not always mean just eliminating middlemens or disruptive innovation, but actually it causes a complete disruption on the way people do business. The trust in institutions and companies is now obsolete, and replaced by relations built by people interacting directly with each other, without the need for trust in anything other than an underlying system with a verifiable code base. Whereas in many fields it can serve above all to objectively reduce transaction costs, rather than to establish absolutely innovative business models.

Companies can derive short-term value from blockchain as long as they emphasize the right approach. Sometimes focusing on a pragmatic implementations at the most basic level, such as ecosystem changes or regulatory barriers can make a big difference, generating profitability at a relatively low cost.

We are talking about numerous benefits related to reduced complexity and transaction costs, as well as improvements in transparency and fraud controls. The blockchain can offer interesting solutions for a wide range of markets such as food, financial services, cargo transportation, information security, etc.

What is 4CADIA Factory?

4CADIA Factory was created with the objective of offering blockchain solutions to several companies in the national and international market. We bring together a team of expert developers who can find innovative solutions that are particularly useful in areas such as statistical records, identity protection, smart contracts, dynamic records, payment infrastructure, and more.

Want to know a little more about the solutions that 4CADIA Factory can develop for your business? Get in touch with our consultants. We are prepared to welcome you to the most qualified team in LATAM, which has been working with decentralized projects for several years. In addition to finding blockchain solutions for your business, you’ll be helping ecosystem development with decentralized solutions that will change the way society deals with blockchain technology today.

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