We’re the product designers of 4C

UX scribblings courtesy of Mike Wojan

👋 Hi! We are a small team (4 to be exact) of product designers focused on defining and coming up with solutions that solve real people’s problems.

What we do day-to-day

We design tools to help advertisers get to know and reach their audiences better. The foundation of our company is built on data science, so a big part of our job is trying to make complex information easy and approachable. The nature of ad buying is detailed and nuanced, so we work to make long, complicated work-flows simple and easy to set up.

Our users range from ad activators (the folks who set up, manage and launch ad campaigns) to analysts and brand managers; almost always, though, our tools are in the hands of ad agencies.

As a company, we’ve come a long way in five years: from a tool that uses social media insights to guide Facebook ad targeting, to a platform that launches cross-channel advertising campaigns, optimizes for performance, provides audience insights and more. As our product offering has expanded, so has our product design team.

What we hope to do here

UX and product design has exploded in recent years — from a nice-to-have for many digital start ups to being recognized as necessary facets of any business. We have lived and worked through this change and a lot of what we have learned along the way has come from the online design community in the form of articles, research, tutorials and so on. Now, we want to give back to that community.

Our goal is to share our honest experience as product designers: learnings, problems we’ve faced, solutions we’ve come up with, and philosophies on design and team building. The world of UX and digital product design is ever growing and becoming more popular every day — with that, we feel a sense of responsibility to talk openly about what that means as product designers on the front lines.

We hope you find it helpful. Reach out to us at @4C_UX on Twitter.