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4EVERLAND Bi-Weekly (December 6, 2021 - December 19, 2021)


Technical Progress


  • Upgraded statistic module @DONE
  • Released CLI document @DONE


  • Gateway development (phase 2) — Autoscaling @WIP

Proof of Storage Challenge (PoSC)

  • Testing nodes long-term stability
  • Updating and intergating the L2 payment contract logic
  • Sorting out decentralized computing solutions

Community Work

  • 4EVERLAND Hosting Beta Version Officially Launched

Hosting Beta version is officially launched at December 6th. We welcome all to experience the new Hosting, which will be more focused on developers’ experience and diverse needs. Hosting Beta version offers multi-version pricing, data statistics, better global acceleration, and additional services. View announcement: https://link.medium.com/TF5LNWzc8lb

  • AMA with 4EVERLAND in Polygon Discord

On December 10th, Darren Wheatley, our Global Marketing Manager joined the AMA in Polygon discord. He explained 4EVERLAND services, features, activities, and future, etc.

  • 4EVERLAND HOSTING Beta Version Launch Airdrop Follow-up

The airdrop for the 4EVERLAND HOSTING Beta version finished on December 10th. 3 lucky developers was selected randomly to get a Pro Plan valid for 6 months for Free after competed our tasks. Check it out: https://twitter.com/4everland_org/status/1470302382781186049

  • 4EVERLAND Supported Command-line Interface (CLI)

4EVERLAND Supported Command-line Interface (CLI), which enables developers to deploy and manage projects with a set of commands. This makes it easier for developers to interact with the platform using a terminal or automated system. Here is docs: docs.hosting.4everland.org/cli

  • 4EVERLAND Partners with NEAR on Open Web Hosting Service

4EVERLAND is excited to announce our partnership with NEARProtocol. We will provide Dweb hosting services to the NEAR ecosystem, enabling developers to deploy a decentralized front-end quickly and easily. The 4EVERLAND team is now welcoming all NEAR developers to deploy their front-end on IPFS, either as the main site or as an alternate site. To encourage front-end development on 4EVERLAND, the team is currently offering a number of rewards. More details: https://link.medium.com/8ndDeaH17lb


4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage and other technical features. Based on IPFS and the underlying technology of Ethereum, 4EVERLAND is committed to providing a distributed, highly efficient, self-motivated, and low-cost data hosting gateway, and becoming the infrastructure for millions of Web3.0 developers and applications.

  • 4EVER-STORAGE: 4EVERLAND connects nodes into a huge storage network through Swarm technology, which depends on node cooperativeness to achieve persistent storage of specific data, and supports horizontal expansion of nodes.
  • 4EVER-GATEWAY: The gateway nodes contain dynamic DNS, Data I/O, and Cert Manager modules. After simple configuration, developers can achieve safe and reliable global acceleration based on 4EVERLAND quickly.
  • Proof of Storage: 4EVERLAND builds Swarm distributed storage network based on IPFS protocol and proposes proof of storage challenge (PoSC) based on TEE technology, to ensure the availability and reliability of data.
  • Smart Contracts: The smart contracts module of 4EVERLAND mainly includes payment contracts, auction contracts, lending contracts, control contracts,etc. It achieves open, transparent and free decentralized governance through smart contracts.
  • 4EVER-HOSTING: 4EVER-HOSTING is a developer application, available from the official website of 4EVERLAND. Developers can deploy web application resources to the 4EVERLAND gateway as a DWeb through the visual interface (Hosting App) or the command (@4everland/cli).




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4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.