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4EVERLAND<>PNS: Effective DWeb Result for Polkadot Users

We are pleased to announce that 4EVERLAND and PNS have formed a strategic partnership. PNS is a decentralized domain name system for Polkadot. Currently, PNS has the initial Web3Profile page for users to display their personal information, on-chain assets and Mirror blog, etc. In the updates afterwards, PNS will unlock the IPFS page for users to customize their own PNS domain content.

The cooperation of the two teams will give an effective DWeb result for PNS users and advance the development of both ecosystems. 4EVERLAND offers free 5 GB IPFS storage, 100 GB bandwidth and 250 build minutes to allow PNS users to freely deploy websites on IPFS. PNS users can quickly and securely deploy front-end pages of their projects on the 4EVERLAND Hosting and achieve decentralization.

Meanwhile, users can associate this IPFS page with the PNS by taking the CID generated by 4EVERLAND. This will greatly facilitate the development of decentralized front-end pages based on the PNS, and we hope this collaboration is long lasting, so both teams can have a deeper collaboration in the future to build better Web3.0.

4EVERLAND now holds the PNS domain name of 4everland.dot. In the same way, we hope that more Web3 projects will have their exclusive PNS domain names, just like 4EVERLAND.

About PNS — Polkadot Name System

PNS is a decentralized domain name system for Polkadot. You can use a .dot domain name to support smart contracts, domain names, wallets, NFTs, etc. With the application of PNS, you can create your very own digital identity for Web 3.0 with a domain name that you have full permission to manage and use.

Your support means so much to PNS development, should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us by joining our community, you are always welcome to collaborate with us:

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Github | Medium | PNS


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.

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4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.