First Sowing: Join the 24 - Hour Countdown and Be the First to Sow!

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Dear valued user,

We are thrilled to share with you the start of a large-scale reward event: First Sowing.

4EVER-HOSTING has received support and acclaim from developers worldwide, as we remain committed to achieving a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3 and becoming the preferred infrastructure for millions of developers. We aim to democratize the process of website creation, empowering anyone to build a personal website regardless of their technical background.

First Sowing is an event with the aim of promoting the services and technology of 4EVER-HOSTING. We cordially invite developers and enthusiasts to participate and gain early access to the new feature of Hosting Templates. By participating in the Hosting Templates, you can rapidly learn how to leverage the tools and services offered by 4EVER-HOSTING to create your own decentralized applications and websites. This event endeavors to raise awareness regarding the advantages and potential applications of 4EVERLAND services, and to actively contribute to the development of the Web3 field. Sincerely, we eagerly anticipate your participation in this stimulating and rewarding event!

Reward Scheme

Join the Pioneer Challenge (May 16th 12PM UTC - May 31st 12PM UTC)

Get Whitelisted

Participate in the activity page to be whitelisted. Our official activity website will hold two timed, limited whitelisting events as follows:

  • May 17th, 12 PM UTC, with 100 slots available.
  • May 18th, 12 PM UTC, with 100 slots available.

Long-term supporters

  • In order to express our gratitude for the long-term support of our Genesis users, First Landing/Bucket NFT holders will be directly eligible for white-list rewards, allowing them to participate in the Pioneer Challenge and share rewards.

Through other channels (May 17th to May 23rd)

  • Twitter, Discord, partner projects, etc.

Whitelist privileges include:

  • Eligibility for product Pioneer Challenge (starting at 12 PM UTC on May 19th).
  • Completion of tasks and template deployment for NFT rewards (to be minted uniformly at 12 PM UTC on May 31st).

After participating in the Pioneer Challenge, users who complete template deployment can visit our discord to submit product feedback. We have established a T4EVER prize pool, which will be divided among users based on the quality of feedback.

Join the Public Challenge (Upcoming)

Join our Public Challenge: The Deploy-a-thon! Be one of the first to try out our cutting-edge tools and services and help shape the future of Web3. Get ready for the Template Deployment Showdown and the chance to share massive T4EVER rewards.

Also, are you up for the Template Marathon challenge? Showcase your creativity and technical skills as you race against the clock to develop and deploy your own website template using our powerful platform.

Please note that in this public challenge, the first sowing NFT holders will receive weighted rewards including deployment reward, invitation reward etc, and have the opportunity to share in tens of millions of T4EVER rewards. Please stay tuned!

Service terms

  • 4EVERLAND reserves the right to interpret the rules and rewards of the first-launch activity.
  • Unfair competition, plagiarism, or any malicious competition is not allowed. 4EVERLAND reserves the right to disqualify participants.
  • The deployment rewards will be distributed at a unified time.
  • Each account, address, and primary domain name will only be rewarded once.
  • Please report any issues related to 4EVERLAND systems to

If you encounter any problems when using 4EVERLAND services, please join the 4EVERLAND Discord to find solutions and report any errors related to 4EVERLAND to receive rewards in the “Feedback” button.


4EVERLAND is a Web3 infrastructure powered by blockchain technology that provides developers with convenient, efficient, and low-cost storage, network, and computing capabilities. It is committed to helping developers smoothly transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 and building a Web3.0 cloud computing platform friendly to Web2.0.

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4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.